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Hustler & Mariner , red : hybrid aircraft/animals e.a.

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Sotoolslinger did an excellent shark-styled 262-based build a few years back (before he disappeared):,28077.75.html


a crossing, in the two directions, between a Mirage III R and a sting ray : how whif is this?

the Mirage with ray wings : it gives a softer feeling to its shape :

and the ray with Mirage wings :

I am currently trying out a Manta-ray and B-2 crossing ...

Hah, excellent! ;D I'm not sure which I like better.....

That is COMPLETELY ridiculous!!

I LOVE IT!  ;D ;D :thumbsup:

Heh - why does the phrase "bullet with butterfly wings" spring to mind.......

Nice one!  :thumbsup:


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