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Started by Spey_Phantom, October 20, 2012, 02:07:12 AM

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Blog Entry #317

wow, 4 months since the last update? time for a new one.
there hasnt been much progress lately due to lack of free time, something thats been gnawing on me.
i havent started the Charity build yet, still looking to free up space.

right now, i have a number of projects on the go:

-2 x 1/144 SAAB Gripens (was 3, but i already broke 3 spare canopies, so i decided to give up on the 3rd)
-1 x 1/144 Piper Enforcer (conversion, still awaiting paint)
-2 x 1/144 T-38D Super Talon (converted mini hobby models F-20 Tigersharks)

also, paint stripped of older models for restoration:

-Minicraft 1/144 B-26 Marauder
-Dragon 1/144 A-6E Intruder
-Dragon 1/144 Kfir C.2 (to be repainted in Area 88 colors)
-Minicraft  1/144 Sea Harrier FRS.1 (to be repainted in Area 88 colors)

there are also other projects on the planning, mostly 1/144 in a mix of realworld and Whiff subjects.
one project im in the progress of designing decals for, is a Swiss Messerschmitt Bf110. im also looking into designing some decals for a number of 1/144 armour and other ground vehicles.
but designing has hit a snag lately as for the past few days now, my PC is on the fritz. it started saturday with my scanner failing, took me 2 hours and a lot of swearing to fix that issue. then sunday it got worse, as my PC refused to boot up (i blame the new driver updates from HP for my scanner/printer). so i have started making backups of everything as not to loose all my work.

spreaking of which, i have started a new side hobby, with inbox review video's currently on the back burner, i started a new youtube channel dedicated to Belgian aviation history (see my first video here) its still in an early stage, its still a learnign experience to make video's like these. one thing i learned is to write a script first, as not to start mumbling.


i almost forgot to mention, im redesigning and reorganising my workspace as im struggling to find space for the new tools i gotten recently, also looking at replacing smaller drawer units with bigger ones and im reorganising the direct workbench ittself to have the mostly used items in hands reach. aside from that, im lookign to make a small downstairs toolbox (with all the basic building neccesities) to do some modelbuilding in the kitchen when i have free time.

more soon...
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Good to see the update Nils  :thumbsup:

Best of luck with the video channel
Decals my @r$e!


Blog Entry #318: workbench: reborn!

little to nothing has happened since the last blog entry, due to lack of time and family priorities.
the biggest problem was the enormous ammount of workbench clutter, with my little corner of the master bedroom being used as a storage space, making any modeling work almost impossible.

its now my last week of my 3.5 weeks vacationtime and i finally found the time to do something about it.
the biggest problem i have (since losing my mancave) is the lack of space, so i invested some of my hobbybudget into space-winning.

First, i bought a set of 4 furniture legs on Amazon and used them to raise my topsection of the main workbench, freeing up space underneath for larger tools and building accesories. with the space ive won, i was able to make a place for WIP-builds to dry on the top section. i also ordered a new set of drawers for the bedroom and im reusing the old ones to store my powertools.

this is how it looks now, still a work in progress, but i can work with this  :mellow:...

second, i ordered a bookshelf to move the library to the top of the display table/holding area, freeing space in the cabinets under the table for stash storage (for soon to be built models).
on top of the bookshelf, you can see my Area 88 airbase diorama (still a work in progress).

dont mind the bottle of vinegar and the spice bottle, thats just a mix to keep the wasps outside while ventilating the room.

next on my mid-term to-do list, is make a new DIY spraybooth.

progresswise, i had to cancel a number of builds as i took a bit too much on my plate.
im also been asked to build another 1/72 Sea King on commision, this time on demand by someone from the 40th
squadron at Koksijde Air Base, as part of a gift for the former base commander, who was forced to retire for medical reasons. for this build, im expected to recieve samples of the original paints that were used on the real Sea Kings (that were retired from service in 2019). so that's something to look forward to.  ;)

ove also been putting a bit of time into my other hobby, my new Youtube Channel, "Belgium's Flying Past", which is unexpectedly starting to become a big success. i think you will find my latest video quite interesting for WHIF ideas.  :mellow:

im still working on other modelling projects aswell, as ive started looking into more 1/144 scale ww2 warbirds, including a Swiss Bf110, and many others. i have put a list on paper, but its too much to sum up right now.

more soon....
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Blog Entry #319: A new beginning

Its hard to believe its been 2 months since the last update, but there have been some ups and downs.

in case you missed it, about a month ago i had a nervous breakdown (my 3rd one in the past decade), due high high ammounts of stress, and had to take some time off to pull myself together again. i think about 60% was caused by short term priorities, problems and worries, the other 40% being the longer term problems i am struggling with, including anxiety, im not ready to get into that other thing yet.

i recently decided to take a fresh start, new username here and elsewhere (progressivly) and a newer possitive attitude. ive been using my first name on different forums for many years, so i thought i would use a more original one. so i settled for "Spey_Phantom" (it was this one or "Phantom_FGR3", "FaireyFox", "Sprueniversal_Soldier" or "Spruetacus", but i think i chose wisely in the end  :rolleyes: )
i also changed the name of this topic something a bit more fitting.

i did take some in between projects, 4 Mini Hobby models 1/144 P-51D Mustangs at once, simple kits mosty as therapeutic builds. there were finished quite quickly and in realworld colors0
other projects were put on hold until later, but are due to be picked back up soon as i need the space.

slowly but surely, im starting to get my mojo back, the mustang builds have rekindled my creativity and new ideas for projects are starting to take shape (writing them down as to revisit them when i can). lately, ive been deepening myself into pre- and early ww2 aircraft and history, and have started prepwork for a next series of builds in both 1/72 and 1/144 scales. one idea i got, is for a Belgian pre-war Boeing Stearman in 1/72 and a B-24 Liberator in 1/144 scale. there's more coming, so im gonna try to keep it up and get that bench from under the dust.

Also, there is another project on the way, im currently waiting for the final parts to come in as im gonna be building my own airbrush spraybooth.
the main piece im waiting for is the USB-cooling fan i need for the fume extraction.

more soon.....
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-all kinds of things.


Good to see you back mate  :thumbsup:  Take your time and do you feel comfortable with  :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!

Dr. Griffin

I understand recovering from stresses, especially self-inflicted ones AKA self-sabotage. I learnt that we all have an ideal situation to accomplish. As soon as we accomplish them they are no longer ideals. In other words, our ideals are always in front of us (the future). I have to remember this so I don't end up thinking that my ideals are unreachable, but in fact, my personal history is littered with accomplished ones. We need our past achievements, for they determine the degree and quality of our future 'What Ifs'. Whenever I get stressed about my projects, I take a day off to revisit my past accomplishments either via physicality (saved items) or be imagery (photos). This strategy always reminds me of how I accomplished them, and regenerates my confidence that I really am 'okay' with my ideals_ because my inner uncensored self knows I can achieve them in its own time (not in my over-committed time).

Easy, . . does It.
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Old Wombat

Good to have you back aboard, Nils! :thumbsup:

I quite like "Sprueniversal_Soldier" & "Spruetacus" but, hey, Spey_Phantoms are cool! ;D
Has a life outside of What-If & wishes it would stop interfering!

"The purpose of all War is Peace" - St. Augustine

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Blog Entry #320

its been a while again since the last entry, so time for an update.

im slowly making progress on the previously mentioned builds as i dont want to start new ones until the current ones are done due to lack of space.
with the christmas holiday coming up, im gonna use the time to clear out sone stuff in the stash and on the shelves to make room for the future.
older earlier builds that are due for replacement will be removed and scrapped or be stripped for parts. miscelanious items that are no longer of use will be trashed.

with the very little free time i have lately, im starting to think of canceling a number of in-progress builds or at least put them on hold forthe long term.
i have a Luft46 version of a Tupolev Tu-95 gathering dust in a closet for ove a year now, i will most likely not be working on that for a while.
in terms of realworld builds, i have a 1/72 F-16 that is due for some attention, as it takes up most of the space. i also have a previously started 1/144 Mirage F1 on the go that i have no idea what to do with, im thinking of turning it into a SAAF Mirage F1AZ.

another large project thats been gathering dust for over 6 months now, is the 1/144 Area 88 base project. i really need to get that thing done at some point, still have a lot of work to do on the main hangar and McCoy's warehouse.

and now, the future:

as planned since april, is the 5 1/72 EC135's that im going to be building as charity build, they will be painted as our loal EMS helicopter. 1 of these will be for my personal collection,,the other 4 will be auctioned off to raise money to fund the EMS helicopter charity.

also, im reviving my previous WW2 WHIF theme build series (see topic), i have been planning a large series of models for this theme, and not just aircraft but also land vehicles, armour and ships. so thats something to keep an eye on.
but the biggest plan i have (depending on how much space i can make) is another 1/144 scale diorama airfield. once the Area 88 base is finished, im planning on building an early WW2 airfield for photographing and presenting 1/144 warbirds. it will not be as big as the Area 88 base, will propably be half of one third the size, im still working it out. im also looking at making a smaller dio with spare materials (on a 30 x 44cm plank).

and not just 1/144 builds are coming, im also doing prepwork on 3 new 1/72 WHIF builds, these being a Belgian Grumman G-36A, Brewster Buffalo and a Bell P-400. there's still lots more to be done, but i still need to work out the details.

more soon....
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Quote from: Spey_Phantom on December 14, 2022, 10:56:04 AM, im also doing prepwork on 3 new 1/72 WHIF builds, these being a Belgian Grumman G-36A, Brewster Buffalo and a Bell P-400. there's still lots more to be done, but i still need to work out the details.

more soon....

Belgian AF is an underused arena for 1939/1940 whiffery, like these ideas  :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!


Blog Entry #321

here's a small update on whats going on  :mellow:

With little free time i have, i managed to get the basics up for a future project,  :mellow:

ive decided to turn my in-progress area 88 base diorama into a modular diorama, so i can shift to from Area 88 to a 1930/40's style civilian airport and back again.

i have demolished my older airfield diorama 3.0 and im planning to turn it into a ww2 grass airfield. im gonna be scratchbuilding an RAF style control tower, using plans i found on the internet.
this is going to be a WHIF base, part of my reactivated WW2 WHIF build.

im also building a smaller miniature diorama of an aeroclub.
for this, im using one of the N-scale buildings i bought at a goodwill store a few years ago.
im planning on painting it in camouflage and use it as a wartime emergency airfield.
dont expect much of it, as im building it with leftovers  :rolleyes:

more soon....
on the bench:

-all kinds of things.

Captain Canada

and here's me thinking you were no longer psting to your blog ! Nice to catch up ! Glad you are feeling more yourself these days as well. And of course there has to be a Sea King build ongoing. A Nils, without a half built Sea King on his bench, cannot exist !
CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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Hi Nils,

Took me a while to find you new identity. I had missed your posts for some time now, Good to see that you're still going!
Life can be a big obstacle in getting any modelling done. My experience is that in such times it is good to limit the things you plan to complete to avoid disappointments.

Especially with young kids it can be quite difficult to find some time to build models. But you'll find that slowly things get better and there's more time left for you-time.


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Welcome back Nils, I'd not appreciated who was behind the name (d'oh!).  Looking forward to your future builds.

Quote from: NARSES2 on December 14, 2022, 11:51:24 PM
Quote from: Spey_Phantom on December 14, 2022, 10:56:04 AM, im also doing prepwork on 3 new 1/72 WHIF builds, these being a Belgian Grumman G-36A, Brewster Buffalo and a Bell P-400. there's still lots more to be done, but i still need to work out the details.

more soon....

Belgian AF is an underused arena for 1939/1940 whiffery, like these ideas  :thumbsup:

Very true.  For the 2020 One Week Group Builds ago I produced a Belgian MS.405 using the Hobbyboss kit.  I still like the idea but was never happy with the execution.

Time for someone else to have a go?

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Hi Nils.
I'm quite happy and also impressed by your openness with your illness. Apart from being one key for improvement over time, it also opens up for support. As you might have noticed already, even here, you're not the only one struggling a bit. And we are, as a community, quite supportive, as I have discovered myself when telling about my cancer.

It's good to have you back and in the swing. Many of your builds and even more of your ideas have been very inspiring to me, so from my mojo perspective, this is good!  ;)

Take care, let thing have their own pace, and enjoy. We'll walk together with you.  :thumbsup:
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