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well, since most of you started your own blogpost, i thought i'dd start my own (sure will beat searching threads to post/repost in.

so lest get started on post number 1  :mellow:

modeling activity has been very low lately, work, chores, feeling down-times....but i have been doing some small parts to keep things going.
i have a sh*t-ton of work on the bench at the moment, from newbuilds to restoring older models, both Realworld and what if.
progress on the 1/144 carrier HMS Courageous is nearing the end, but its going slow, snailspeed slow, even "Chinese Ex-Varyag" slow, with work only progressing from time to time, same goes for the refit of my first 1/144 carrier (currently converting to STOBAR configuration).

aircraft wise, there is a 1/72 F-4E Phantom, made up as a Netherlands AF tigermeet bird, on the bench for over 3 months now with no progress, might have to finish that up soon.

right now, i am building 4 RW Belgian 1/72 Westland Sea Kings Mk.48, witch are currently on priority 1.
2 of them are for my collection, the other 2 are being build on request for friends. the first one, destined for my own collection, is already 30 percent finished, the other 3 are awaiting paint (inside) and sub assemblies.

once the Sea Kings are done, work can begin on the next project, witch is either 1/144 F-15's, F/A-18E's or F-22's.
some of you might remember my WWII beyond '45


started this a good year ago, inspired by The darkmasters's "Empires Twilight", but set in a '46 enviroment.
some luftwaffe aircraft have already been built, but the project has progressed little since it started a good year ago.
i have recently aquired a number of aircraft that will fit in the theme (A-1 skyraiders, Shinden, Bearcats, P-51D's, Luft'46 aircraft, DH Vampires, Spitfire F.Mk.22's, AN-2's, Be-6's, YAK and MIG's....) but also on the list are Missiles, Armour and even ships.

as for scenario's, already noted in the theme earlier was South America, but im currently trying to make up storylines for South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Belgian Congo, USSR,.....

as for the future, i have been looking to build a small WW2 escort carrier or camships out of old shiphulls i have here, but Revells newly re-released microwings are a bit harder to find here then i first thought. so im gonna try to visit Ostend and Brugges while im at home to see if i can find any of those there, or i might ask my local LHS to order them special.

all in all:

while physical builds have been on the low lately, mentaly, my mind is popping with ideas, i have a weeks vacation comming up after next week, so i hope to get some work done, so can finally get things moving and clear the stash a bit.

more soon.... :mellow:

Blog Entry 2

this week i continued to work at a slow pace, mostly on the 4 Sea Kings on the buildtable, the decals for the 4th still need to be ordered.

meanwhile, ive been doing some dryfit tests on a number of early mark spitfires, for a possible 2-seat racer conversion.
i have a revell 1/72 Mk.V in the stash to be converted to a Mk.Vb floatplane version with the parts of a PM Foatplane Spitfire (cheap kit, its cheaper then the aftermarket parts). anyway, the fuselage of the 1/72 PM Spitfire is utterly useless and not meant for the serious modeler, same goes for the canopy, however, it makes excelent whiff fodder  ;D

im looking to converting it to a 2-seat racer, with the leftover canopy from an Airfix DH Chipmunk and the black/gold scheme and decals from the Airfix DH Comet racer (im planning on building that as a high speed RAF reccon bird anyway). other modification to be included are 2 3-blade contra-rotating props from 2 airfix Spitfire Mk.1 kits (the newer Airfix Mk.I/Mk.IIa comes with 2 3-blade props and a 2-blade fixed-pitch prop).

work on that should start as soon as the first Sea Kings are completed.

earier mentioned projects and theme builds are also expected to continue soon after.

Blog entry #3

in the week that ive been home, i took the liberty of looking at the planning paper i posted 5 months ago:

--- Quote from: Nils on July 19, 2012, 02:08:55 am ---in the WWII'46 listings in the near future im going to build:

-F8F Bearcat (Danish Air Force, 1945)
-Spitfire F.Mk.22 (Belgian and Netherlands Air Forces)
-DH Chipmunk O.1 (Observation version of the Chipmunk trainer for the RAF, armed with smoke rockets for FAC/target designation)
-SAAB J21 (Swedish Air Force)
-DH88 Comet (Swedish Air Force reccon aircraft)
-Spitfire PR9 (user unknown)
-MIG-15 Fagot (user unknown)
-P-39 Cobra (User unknown, possibly Danish or Australian)
-Bristol Baeufighter Mk.X (thinking Polish Air Force)
-F-86 Sabre (user unknown)
-F4U Corsair (Netherlands Navy, carrier HrMS Ruyter, Dutch east indies)
-DH100 Vampire (Belgian Air Force)
-Douglas Skyraider (Royal Navy)
-various Luft'46 models and planned IJN'46 (research pending)

in the 1/144, i got planned:

-refurbishment of my first 1/144 aircraft carrier (BNS Dendermonde) into a modern STOBAR carrier, with 3 MIG-29K's (operator classified)
-F-22 Raptor (RAF 111 squadron and USAFE 32TFS "wolfhounds", 3rd F-22 might be an Israeli version)
-E-2C Hawkeye (Royal Navy FAA, Hawkeye AEW.1)
-Sea Tornado GR2 (Royal Navy FAA, 2 versions)
-Merlin HC.4 Commando
-Zombite Fighter (from Thunderbirds "The Uninvited")
-Various F-15's (C, D, E and S/MTD, no idea what operators yet, some RW)
-3 x F-14 Tomcats (1 will propably be Genovian Air Force, another will be a French Navy bird, as for the 3rd, thinking an Area88 version)
-F-117N Navy Nighthawk
-Rafale-C (Morrocan Air Force)
-MIG-23 (RAF, 3 squadron, Flogger FGR.1)
-F-4 Phantoms (No ID. yet)
-F/A-18 Drones
-F/A-18E (1 Belgian, 1 NVLM and 1 might be Canadian)
-C-17I Globemaster III (Israeli Air/Space Force)

and as for other aircraft (all 1/72), i got planned:

-RAH-66 Commanche (USMC)
-2 x Angel Interceptors (OOB and Belgian AF, a 3rd might be added later)
-F-4E Phantom II (RNLAF, currently gathering dust on the waiting line)
-Royal Genovian Air Force F-22 or Sukhoi T-50
-SAAB JAS-39 Gripen (Belgian Air Force, maybe a Tigermeet version)
-P-51A Mustang (Luftwaffe, depicting a Bf109 as in Iron Eagle III)
-YF-22 Lightning II (might build it OOB, or as a whif)
-Tucano (might become a COIN fighter, thinking RAAF markings)

there are many, MANY more, but a lot of models have been stored away.
this list does not include RW models.

--- End quote ---

looking at the list of possible projects, i almost started getting stress-block  :-\
part of me really wants to build these, but another side says "what was i thinking?".
i dont know whats wrong with me, could be stress, or maybe even a depression forming, but i kinda been having a hard time finding my creativity mojo, hense why my modelling activity is more mental then physical.

looking at the stash, even looking at some kits bought almost 6 years ago, wondering why i even bought them?
sorting out the stash, listing the projects, i made a desision, im now planning (uh oh, im "planning" again!  :blink:) to relook al my projects and re-organise them into new seperate themebuilds, as noted in post 1, nspired by TheDarkmasters Empires twighlight.

so this is what i came up with at the moment:

--- Quote ---WW2, Beyond 1945

this buildtheme, as planned about a year ago with already some models build, remains unchanged.
looking into the future, storylines for a reformed allied and nazi forces in Europe, with the European nations regaining theyre independent armed forces, plans also include storylines from South-East Asia, Australia, South America and even a Central-African campaign.
some extra models might be added, such as upgraded versions of aircraft seen late in the war, like the Me262, Hawker Typhoon/Tempest,...even Aircraft carriers might be added, but then in 1/144 or smaller.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Cold War II / World War III

formally known as the 1/144 themebuild project, currently under the working title "Rising Dragon".

with most of the aircraft in that theme has a storyline in the 2015/2030 timeframe, i decided to make it a theme on its own.
looking at recent events in the media and speculations on the rise of China's military power, in this buildproject, the idea is that near 2020, China would rise, equal, or at a point even replace the United States as the worlds leading military superpower. details are not figured out yet, but im thinking a large number of Chinese foreighn bases in Central-Africa, Pakistan, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries with relations to china.
might even ad a few spacecraft, ships and submarines to the theme. the 1/144 HMS Courageous aircraft carrier, now nearing completion, might become a part of that.
more details as they follow....

--- End quote ---

furthermore, im started to get re-equanted with 1/72, having been building in 1/144 for so long, its a welcome change.
having a large number of 5th Generation aircraft/helicopters in the stash, i cant wait to get started on them. starting perhaps with a Belgian Army Eurocopter Tiger-AHB (Attack Helicopter Belgium).

to reduce workstress and smooth contiuation of these theme's, other planned themebuilds such as "Cold war in the 30/40's" and 'return of the roman empire" (the latter started about 2 years ago, but with no recent activity) have been cancelled, parts of witch might be implemented in the 2 themes.

but first i need to set my priorities by finishing whats on the bench now.

Nils we all go through periods like this. It will go and the mojo will return.

I learnt a while ago not to make to many concrete plans (especially on paper) you only end up disappointing yourself. If you have themes, as I do, then keep them broad. If something your building fits then great, if it doesn't then don't try and force it. Just build it the way you want.


Blog entry #4

with the lack of motivation/inspiration, i decided to take Narses's advice and just build the first thing that pops up in my head, just to get the gears turning.

and last night i started with a simple 1/144 build, an F-117N, using one of Bagera's profiles, printed to scale as a reference.
had to reverse engineer it a bit to get the scale to be printed right. i already get a pair of new scratchbuild wings, sanded down and engraved a bit. still need to build new rear tail surfaces. as for the nosewheel, im gonna get one of a 1/144 F/A-18D kit i bought for parts (canopy and cockpit for a MIG-29KUB conversion)

here a couple of pics, still trying to get used to the new photobucket layout (witch i hate btw).

in the meanwhile, in an attempt to get my inspiration/motivation back, i bought a new book online, gonna have a good read before going to bed, a bit of research for my WW2 beyond '45 buildtheme.


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