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Re: Chronic's Research and Aeronautics Project (C.R.A.P.)
« Reply #4095 on: September 22, 2020, 11:28:33 am »
Falling behind on my Thunderbirds stuff but that's alright... I've been helping an FB friend with HIS project. Yesterday he popped up asking around for the Cousteau Revell PBY Catalina. I says.... well that's one of my favorite kits, you can't have any of mine, but I'll try to help you find one of your own. Then I was like, "Well, I can take some pictures of the kit and I also have a couple of the Airfix Cats so we can do some comparisons, etc. "    Long story short...    I've done spent 2-3 hours on it.  ;D   Hey, at least I'm doing model stuff?  I found the project interesting myself..... it's a Golden Nugget super cat:

Regardless, I made progress on MY endeavors as well. As a side effect of digging out the Airfix Catalinas I proceeded with the stash moving and actually got quite a few piles moved to the other room. I'll be needing to better organize the stuff but at least I'm started. I also managed to unearth my Thunderbirds stuff. This is where I have the decals stored: 

I also have EVERY aircraft they had... the show aircraft and support aircraft as well. I even have some cars, buses, and some whifs as well as a real-world L-29 Thunderbirds tribute plane......... I have decals for an F-106 and Mustangs as well... the sheet has enough to do Two mustangs so I'll make an NMF B model and a white D model. There is ONE last item I need however... the decal sheet for the C-54. Kinda expensive but I guess I'll go ahead and buy it and that will make my Thunderbirds collection truly complete. Oh.... or wait? Maybe I have that already and I'm missing, of all things, the F-16.   :banghead:    I'll get it figured out later... been a couple years since I messed with this particular sub-collection.
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