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Re: Chronic's Research and Aeronautics Project (C.R.A.P.)
« Reply #3780 on: Today at 01:30:59 pm »
Well, in this case it ultimately meant "Destined For Scrapyard."  ;D     

Ya know... on that note kind of... It's about time I do another Star Trek build of my own. What I NEED to do is finally finish off the D-7 I started in 2009.  This is one of only two models I did in my 20 year break from the hobby. Pretty much all I did was paint it mainly red with black here and there and just put it together "snap" fashion. I didn't do anything like fix seems, obviously, but I have the capability to do so now and I could probably turn it into something decent. I wonder how to paint it, though..... the red sounds kind of neat in theory but it wasn't very impressive at all the way I did it. I took the decals and threw them into an old Lancaster kit so I suppose I could dig them back out, or not...   I still sort of like the idea of a Klingon Lancaster. Who knows what the ancient Klingon war machines looked like?! 

Not going to get much done today. I do plan to primer the F-16XL though but that might be it. I started playing Oblivion again last night and by bed time I was hooked big time so I'm eager to get back into that one. I had to force myself to stop playing it. I was having so much fun.  ;D  Tonight I just might stay up as late as "who gives a damn" because tomorrow is Saturday.
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