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Inerior detail has been added to the section that will accommindate the open cargo door. Two nav operators desks glued side-by-side, with wardrobe taken from the Heller C-135 aircraft. The display panels have increased in number from 2 to four, scrap spruce added and painted green. Desk surface ghost grey and chairs light blue.
The AEW rotordome is taken from a cheap Hawkeye E-2C kit and mounted to the tail fin, similar to the prototype E-3 and An-74 AEW.
The forward section of the Airfix kit has been extended and unlike the rest of the weapon bay doors in the closed position, I intend to glue these open and facing outwards. So I can add two reconnassiance pods either side.
The cockpit, I thought of basing the seating arrangement on the Victor layout. Not that you can see much through the glazing, but I've increased the doorway space. With the option of using the C-135 undercarriage, crew access could be via the nosewheel. Ground clearance is raised, so infra-red pods and areails could be added.

Whilst reading other topics on this site an idea for the glazed cockpit popped into my head. I could hinge this in an open position, at first I thought of cutting it in half similar to the F-111 to let the internal detail be seen and creating a maintenance scene. The wings could also be shown in a folded position with winglets instead of ESM pods.

It seems to me that every time I bid on eBay for a B-17 kit, they put the start prices up.
And another thing those 3D printers are far too expensive for me, couldn't they bring the price down a bit? I mean you can scan any 3D object or CGI, or design and it will print it out in scale model form. Which would be ideal for whiffing those parts you can't buy in the shops, or resin aftermarket parts that don't fit.

It's amazing what you find whilst searching for something completely different. I came across a 1/72 Dassault Atlantic which I'd put the BAe Nimrod wings on. I removed the gun turret and stuck that on the Avro/Lockheed 'Carlton'. I found the resin NC-135K nose cone and glued it on. Should have lined it up first!! Ah well an almost perfect fit, I'll call it the 'Atlantis AEW'. This fills the gap between the 'pocket' Nimrod AEW MK5 (Sentry style spin top), the super stretch AEW MK7
(stretched AEW3, with hose & drogue refueling pods, cargo door, TF-33 engines).
The Carlton is glued up and looks very retro, fills the gap between the Neptune and Griffon engined Connie.
I'm using a 1/72 Hind helicopter as a guide to build my Apache/Sea King version. Well it's an Apache cockpit section and rear Sea King. (Almost real world!!).
Another idea of mine is to use a F-16 as a basis for the XF-32 V/STOL two seater. Too many ideas, must write these down.
I've got Tuesday off so I'll try out my new airbrush.

I noticed in the My Stash grew again thread that you've bought a Transrapid maglev train. Will you be fitting that with an actual maglev system?  ;D


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