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Friday 22nd January 2021

The 1/72 Convair E-60 Peacehaven made it's last flight within the confines of my room,  this will be put into storage alongside the Argosy AEW,  Martin Marina,  Avro-Martin Mystic II, Handley Page-Martin Majestic,  de Haviland-Avro Celestial and the Northrop Stingray as they are far to big to fit in my plastic storage boxes. I still have a more sorting out to do.
I've kept a lot of parts and reduced my stash down to 12 plastic storage containers and one large cardboard box which has the Airfix BAC Concorde and the Airfix Rockwell B-1B.
Sunday will be a busy day,  it's strange I'm not panicking. Just taking my time. It's amazing how much paperwork you accumulate over four years and I still got the same clothes I had back then.
Time to move on...

Sunday 24th January 2021

I'd like to say thanks again for Nick who collected my stash today,  I didn't expect it all to fit in his car. Even the 1/72 Convair not the YB-60,  see I did manage to fit the wings and engines from a 1/72 B-52 to the fuselage of the Revell/Monogram RB-36H Peacemaker.
The cars have gone as well , apart from the Matchbox 1969 Triumph Stag. This has the Dinky stamp on the underside as well. It's white with red plastic seats,  a black plastic dashboard and steering wheel and a sticker with 1992 on the bonnet and boot. Must have been some anniversary. The registration plate is KJE 51.
 If you are in the Woolwich area you can rummage through the carefully stacked pile of plastic draws by the large bins,  the bins don't get emptied until Thursday and there's another collection on Friday for the stuff that isn't taken.
I'm sorting through the paperwork and clothes.
 Over the last few hours someone has had a good rummage through what I have chucked away,  looks like a late night for me.

Not a problem mate, I was actually amazed at how much fitted into my little Nissan. 11 plastic storage boxes in the back and a large cardboard box on the passenger seat  ;D
It's all up in my loft now keeping one corner a bit warmer.

I took advantage of todays little road trip. I got to visit a Morrisons for Bramble Jelly, my favourite jam, which no other supermarket sells. I also got the car up to 70mph for a good engine workout and took a ride on the new Woolwich ferry.

Monday 25th January 2021

I found one kit,  the 1/72 BAe Mantis whilst packing up my clothes and my glue plus paint brushes.  I've had the idea of putting a pilot in the cockpit and finding a suitable clear canopy,  of course that can wait.
I found a hostel and  booked a bed for the week in the New Cross area of London,  so I'll be checking that out and the local area.
Brr it's turned really cold,  well that's winter for you in the UK.

Friday 29th January 2021

Feeling a bit under the weather,  too many hobnobs (sticky pudding flavour) bargain price for 1 at Sainsburys New Cross Southeast London and its raining outside. The weather people predict snow for London over the weekend,  fortunately for me I will be working on Saturday. Yes stuck inside a portakabin/welfare suite watching the buses pass by on the South Circular Road by Charlton Railway Station/ football stadium.
The portakabin is in the wrong place so you have to walk through the mud to get to it. I think the site was a former roadside cafe or shop as there's evidence of tiles. This bit is fenced off as a hole has appeared exposing the water pipes. The Stonelake retail Park is next door and on the other side Selco the builders yard.
All I have to do is keep our travelling friends off the land.  There's no internet connection so I usually download programs to watch or play off line games.  Read a book or magazine.
I usually slide a hot water bottle under my fleece to keep me warm when the generator isn't on,  I'm convinced that a bank of solar panels on the roof could top up a battery or two,  similar to that of a caravan or mobile home.
I have heard a rumour that Selco might rig up a cable to the mains for electricity and hire a water cooler. At least I can use the fridge.
I'm watching a lot of programmes on Prime and YouTube,  plus dreaming up possible Whiffs which will reduce my stash but I will still need to buy a few kits,  something in a smaller scale as the 1/72 Revell/Monogram Convair RB-36H Peacemaker is very large and now even longer with the Cammett BAe Nimrod  AEW.3 radomes fitted but I have to admit the wings & engines  from the Italeri B-52G do work well with the  B-36 fuselage , but I think that the cockpit is wonky although the canopy will hide this flaw. This is definitely a long term build,  the one that you put down and come back to in 30 minute segments.
 Working out the landing gear is next on the list as the combined out rigger wheels from the B-52G and the B-36 original main legs.
 Other thoughts have got me interested in my version of Diagon Alley in 00 gauge although other larger scales are available in kits or scratch builds. I've seen that they have their own travel agency in the World of Harry Potter. I wonder what Arthur Weasley would tinkered with if he was employed by them?
I can't wait until I get enough money to put down a deposit on a room of my own,  the hostel is good but I miss having my own space and being able to cook for myself. I know that I have to budget and reduce my spending to survive.
Take care and stay safe.


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