To fill the C-130s shoes as a Whiff

Started by McColm, June 30, 2011, 04:22:53 AM

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Even as the new generation C-130J's were built Lockheed was thinking of a replacement, they had teamed up with Karem Aircraft and put forward the TR75.
This is a C-130 sized aircraft with two very large tilt rotors on each wing.
Piasecki has been working with Bell, Boeing and Sikorsky in helicopter development. On having a duct rear rotor or tilt-duct rotors as their mock ups suggest for the Chinook.
I know that there are another topics dealing with Tilt and Quads rotors.
Another choice would be the Airbus A400M or AN-70 larger than the C-130 but smaller than the C-17. Even the YC-15 seems feasible or quad V-22.
This leads me back to the Lockheed P-3 as a sort of Mini-Mini Guppy. The P-3 lacks the STOL, but this is the land of Whiff where these ideas remain locked in the mind and will only fly in a simulator or if they get built in the R/C world.
Pics to follow.


Upgraded Shorts Belfast as alternative to the A400M, glass cockpit, TP400's, composite construction, scimitar props?
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Dual use  Helicopter/ Aircraft  engines in pylon on top of fuselage  wings/ rotors can be added as needed depending on what you need.

edit scratch that idea as I've just realised i've come up with a very complicated way of having something with the capabilities of  an Osprey with the possibility of the wings falling off because someones not tightened the bolts enough


The only problem with the Shorts Belfast is that I can't get hold of a model in my price range. The AN-12/40 or the Chinese copy the Y-8 are coming availible. Even a shortened AN-22 would do.


Extended guppified 4 engined  Bristol Superfreighter


The Bristol Superfreighter, that's a good idea!!