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Re: He 277 Aeronavale evaluation aircraft
« on: June 15, 2011, 11:26:50 am »
A dozen He 277 were built in France by the Societe des Usines Farman (SAUF) firm in Suresnes.
     When the approach of Allied forces necessitated the evacuation of Heinkel personnel working on the project orders were therefore given to destroy  the prototypes and the pre production aircraft. However a resistance raid captured the facility before more than minor damage coulld be done and repairs were begun after the Allied occupation.

The He 277 was repaired by Ateliers Aéronautiques de Suresnes(AAS) and used by the Aeronavale.  The He 277's  were eventually  withdrawn from service and broken up in late 1955. The last  in 1957 after serving as "mother ships" for aerial launching of a number of early French advanced jet and rocket test aircraft.