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Love it!
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Good work--a little funniness never hurt a whif.

I owned an 1959 International Harvester Travelall that was pink (it was very cheap in 1980 when I needed a cheap vehicle). Top speed was about 45 mph, and it was an enormous, clunky vehicle (may not look so big in the pic, as there is no other car for comparative size). The engine compartment alone could sleep two (no kidding--I have lain down in it on one side of the engine while a friend closed the "bonnet"--there was room for someone else on the other side of the straight-6 engine). I had custom license plates that read:


Thought it fitting for such a racy, sleek craft!! Not a pic of mine, but here is the vehicle in question:

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Re: Panther Pink Panther Plane
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Nice one Sequoiaranger!  ;D It looks like a mini-van version of the International Harvester school bus: is that IH's "house style" then?
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Re: Panther Pink Panther Plane
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This car has "Indian taxi" written  all over it!!!
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