F/A-51M Super Mustang

Started by Spey_Phantom, September 25, 2009, 01:11:00 AM

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this build was meant for the "never retired GB", the idea was to make a P-51, and add some 21th century technology to it.
modifications include an upgraded semi-glass cockpit with HOTAS controls, single piece windscreen, Martin-Baker Mk.12 ejection seat, various modern weapons (LGB's, Hellfire, AIM-9, laser designation pod,....).

i am thinking of making her up in 1991 Operation: Desert Storm markings, perhaps a USMC or USAF varriant :)

the model im gonna use is the Italeri 1/72 P-51A, with various new parts
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one thing i should mention about the Italeri P-51A, is although the cockpit looks good, the fit is horrible  >:(
inside i have a large gap btween the instrument panel and the dashboard, and the cockpit floor appears to a bit wider then the airframe itsself.

after a lot of tweaking and cursing, i managed to get it in there (sort of). the HOTAS control system has been abandon, because of the bad internal fit of the actual cockpit, so its back in the traditional "stick between your legs" layout. the propellor came out very nice, it kinda looks like something from a traditional turboprop aircraft.

another thing that was abandon, was the Mk12 ejector seat, apparently, i couldnt barely get the damn thing in there, so its back to the old fassion "tub-seat" (bottom pic, left)  :rolleyes:

other modifications includa a wing mounted radar, scratched from spares, and a turboprop engine like the one on the Piper Enforcer, already drilled out the hole and got the famous "drinking straw" exsaust pipe.

as a tribute to our deceased and loving friend, HOG, i will put a sharksmouth on it and nickname it "MiniHOG", as part of the many electronic and sensor packs im planning to slap onto it  ;D
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almost forgot this pic, of the old engine exsaust being PSR'd  :mellow:
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Very cool! I'll be enjoying this as you go. :D
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very interesting.............im doing one of these oob at the mo so i will like to see where you go with this

btw.......i had the same fit problems in the cockpit  :angry:
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Sorry that there havent been more update pics, but let me make it up by showing you the finished project  ;D
weapons were fitted today: 2 AIM-9B and 2 Mk.83 bombs.

shark mouth is custom made, USAF markings are from a 1/144 Revell F-16A  ;D

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Very nice, Nils. I like this a lot.
One question, why did you use a "bircage" version and not a "bubble" canopied one?

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Same question for me. The birdcage canopy kind of spoils it I think...


i knwo if would have looked better with a P-51D or K, but i didnt had any D-models available at the moment, and the A-model was already in the stash, so i didnt have much choise.

im planning a conversion of a P-51D into a Piper Enforcer, maybe i should make that my new-years resolution  :mellow:
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Sure sounds good...  :thumbsup: The ideal version for me would be a 1:48 scale Enforcer... Are you planning on a 1:72?


Quote from: Stargazer2006 on October 09, 2009, 04:54:16 AM
Sure sounds good...  :thumbsup: The ideal version for me would be a 1:48 scale Enforcer... Are you planning on a 1:72?
yes, im gonna try to get my hands on a 1/72 Academy, Heller, Italeri or Airfix kit.
a build one in 1/144 a while ago, but, i think im gonna have better results in 1/72  ;D
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The pics are gone of the finished model Nils. Not sure if I ever saw it. Love Mustangs...especially Super ones !

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