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Started by Nick, September 24, 2009, 08:27:12 AM

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Found this while researching Lockheed concepts. Great fun to read, we've probably heard of most of them but some..... :o


Scroll down halfway to the Nuclear-Powered Lockheed Mothership. I count 12 F-16 size jets under each wing!

Doc Yo

 Heh. DRB is always good for images, but if those are B-36s in the other image, I'm a monkey's uncle...
The Lockheed concept is pretty cool, if a bit bland, but even if those fighters are no more than 'Goblin'
sized, think about how big those engines on the back are...(and pity the mechanics that would have to
service them...)


Well, the fighter/attack aircraft aren't "Goblin-sized":

Lockheed CL-1201 (combined chemical/nuclear propulsion)
Span: 1120 ft
Fuselage length: 560 ft
Wing area: 125,000 sq ft
Gross weight: 2,300,000 lbs

The AAC (Attack Aircraft Carrier) version was to have 182 lift engines for VTOL capability, also the aircraft was to land-based not sea-based.

See Scott "orionblamblam" Lowther's Aerospace Projects Review V1N3 for more data and arrangement drawings:


Doc Yo

 mercy, that is a big 'un....hard to believe anybody was considering any form of nuclear propulsion
that late in the game, but this is a project that strains credulity generally. I'll have to start ordering the
new APRs-sounds like the article on Helios has been expanded a bit since its print incarnation.


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