Supermarine Swallow F2

Started by andrewj, August 19, 2009, 11:47:12 AM

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  By Febuary 1954, even as the first Swifts were entering service with 56 squadron RAF, it was becoming apparent that the aircraft was flawed in several repects. The F2's that arrived that August proved no better, so Supermarine and the Air Ministry were forced to look at another project on the books, the Type 545.
   This aircraft showed much more potential, so renewed effort was put into the project and the Swift program severely scaled back, except for a low-level reconnaissance version and several experimental variants. With many more resources now availible the type 545 quickly matured into an extremely capable fighter, that became known as the Swallow.
     The Supermarine Swallow F1 entered service with 56 sqd in late 1957 ,replacing the Hawker Hunters that had in turn replaced Swifts in March 1955. The RR Avon RA35R engined Swallow F1 armed with 4 Aden cannon soon proved a considerable advance on the Hunters, being capable of Mach 1.3 in level flight. By late 1958 , however, the Swallow F2 was entering service ,uprated with the RB106 engine which gave an improved performance of Mach 1.68 and was equiped for Firestreak AAM's.  Most of the F1's were later converted to F2 standard, these aircraft gave the RAF a greatly increased operational capacity pending the introduction of the English Electric Lightning, and many served into the early 1970's


Absolutely fabulous! :wub:
I love the airbrake.

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Now here's a very interesting model, I like it !!!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:  well done !!!
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Top banana!  Wish I'd thought of that.
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I can see it now on a Pathe news reel...wonderful! :wub:

Ok so what is made from...what were the donor kits etc?
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Quote from: Darren on August 19, 2009, 01:56:22 PM
I can see it now on a Pathe news reel...wonderful! :wub:

Ok so what is made from...what were the donor kits etc?
Thanks everyone, glad you like it, as you may have guessed it started life as a 1/48 Revell F86D , some plastic sheet and about a boxfull of milliput,plus a few bits from the spares box.

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What a beautiful looking machine!!! Brilliant build
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Creative idea and a beautiful model! :thumbsup:

comrade harps

Ergh... Suprisingly, in a good way. Like it.

A bit of F-86D there?


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Very nice.  An interesting look to this one. 

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Real nice looking plane, love the wings and airbrake set up. :thumbsup:

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Very very cool looking piece of work there sir.Well done.