A Tiffie Whiffy For My Tiffy!

Started by K5054NZ, July 27, 2008, 03:40:23 PM

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Hi all!

Refer to the Everday Chat thread for details of how this came about, but for now on with the backstory! :party:

The restoration of Hawker Typhoon Ib A28-118/VH-TFY has been completed and all that is stopping her from a first flight is - as often is the case - the necessary paperwork. The subject of a very comprehensive airworthy restoration by Precision Aerospace Productions at Wangaratta, Vic., VH-TFY is slated to be the first "Tiffie" to fly since 1945. The semi-gloss finish - chosen by the owner for ease of maintenance - is representative of the aircraft of Tyson Burke-Wagstaff, a relative of the owner who commanded 28 Sqn RAAF, the only operators of the Typhoon downunder. Known for his charismatic leadership of the Sqn, Burke-Wagstaff had the distinction of rising to Squadron Leader without scoring ANY combat victories whatsoever, instead using an underslung megaphone system to persuade his opponents to surrender rather than fall victim to his pilots.


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hmm, very nice zac.....  :thumbsup:

must do one in a current RNZAF scheme, if i ever have the time!
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How did you make it so spiffy in such a jiffy?

And I won't DARE make any reference to a "stiffie"!
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You beat me to it.

I had a hobby boss kit to as an Aussie one operating out of PNG. Looks nice :cheers:
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Quote from: sotoolslinger on July 28, 2008, 06:02:32 AM
Hee hee hee Wagstaff ;D :wub:
Oi! You best not be picking on my gf's surname! *wields club menacingly*

Sisko - sorry! Go for it anyway! I originally wanted to do it RNZAF, but I'm saving those decals for a Blenheim.

Craig - mind out of the gutter, son! :P

Trev- what, Air Superiority Grey? Blech! Or do you mean that white wrap stuff like on the Skyhawks? ;D

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Pinky nosey,spiffy Tiffie Whiffy for Tiffy - nicey! :cheers:

Eddie M.

Looking very good Zac. I dig the colors. :mellow: :thumbsup:
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 :cheers: Cheers Eddie!

Ok, Tiff's mum inadvertently tried to test the aerodynamic properties of the above aircraft, and sadly one of the undercarriage legs came off!

TIFF: "Can it be fixed?"
ZAC: "Yup, no sweat."
T: "Can you just keep it at your house so it's safe?"
Z: "I thought that would be smart..."

U/C fixed, she now stands on my DVD shelf in the lounge  :mellow: