Author Topic: BAE-Sepecat Jaguar, Mitsubushi F-1 and T-2  (Read 26135 times)

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Re: BAE-Sepecat Jaguar, Mitsubushi F-1 and T-2
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<...> Didn't some Indian Jaguars have a radar nose (why is the random thought at that point 'Agave') and an anti-shipping capability

Yes. Agave and Sea Eagles.  :thumbsup:

My Jaguar MO5 has a larger wing and stronger engines:

The larger wing blends in seamlessly!  :thumbsup:

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?

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Re: BAE-Sepecat Jaguar, Mitsubushi F-1 and T-2
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Originally proposed in 1973 for licensed-production in competition with the Harrier, F-5E and F-104G.  Around 200 aircraft were to be built under the plan.

Later prospects turned to a straight procurement:

Flight, 5 June 1975

A visit by the Turkish Minister of Defence, Mr Ferit Melen, to the BAC / Dassault-Breguet Jagauar production line at Warton has led to renewed speculation that Turkey may order 24 of the aircraft costing some 50 million.  There is still some doubt, however, about whether the British Government would sanction such a deal.

Straight F-5E throughout if you were to ask anyone (techwise).  Harrier deal was almost impossible because you will have to remember the Chinese were also "getting" Sea Harrier format. Turkey is the only country where Lockheed bribes have not been unearthed, was part of the conspiracies that rocked the country in the last decade with claims that the Republic was 100% corrupt. You will never ever hear the Starfighter was bought on merit in one single country in the world and yes, it is not the US... Then Northrop made it rather more complicated with changing engines in the F-5G, the next step to come. Ankara would talk purchase as you will have to remember UK is one the three states that guarantee the security of Cyprus, just like they went on a purchasing spree of BUYlNG F-104s in late 1970s.