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Mirage III, Mirage V, Nesher, Dagger, and Kfir

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Daryl J.:
As a sub-thread to UK-75's RAF-whatiffery and follow on to Radish' suggestion of Spey-engined Mirages:

Mirage III:  Would the intakes need to be significantly enlarged to feed the air-drinking Spey?   How about the tail-pipe area?

Having the requisite parts in both the Heller Mirage III and the Rev/Germ Spey engined Phantom it would be a fun kit to do.

Or....even the Mirage IV..................

Thanks in advance,
Daryl J., ever seeking information

The Phantoms certainly had their intakes enlarged for use with the Spey. Would look kinda cool to put some larger sucky holes onto the Mirage!

These two projects are not pure whatifs : they were named Mirage IIIK and
Mirage IV*. The Mirage IVK was proosed as TSR-2 replacement in 1965 and seriously taken in consideration by Dassault and Rolls Royce (but not by the British governement lol)
I don't know it which context the Mirage IIIK was proposed to Great Britain... was it a Phantom competitor for the RAF in  1965?  

If the Mirage needed an enlarged rear fuselage etc for the J79 (Kfir) then I'd imagine aspey would need the sdame

If we're making big mouthed, fat bottomed Mirages how about an Olympus engined variant instead a Spey? 33,000lbs vs 21,000lbs thrust.


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