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Küstenpanzerschiff Adler, November 1944
« on: December 02, 2018, 01:53:43 am »
Küstenpanzerschiff Adler, November 1944

The Vehicle:

The Danish coast defence ship Peder Skram was build in 1908. Modernized between the wars, it was the only existing ship of this kind with heavy armament of the Danish Navy in WW2.
After the German invasion of Denmark in 1940, the ship first remained untouched, but was scuttled by its crew on 29.08.1943. Raised by the Germans, the ship was towed to Kiel where it was planned to convert it into a static floating AA battery.

But the events on the Eastern front changed this idea. Therefore this ship was refitted, and put again into active service as the Küstenpanzerschiff Adler in mid 1944. With its two 24 cm, four 15 cm guns and 10 7,5 cm guns, the Adler operated in the Baltic Sea and was used for coastal bombardments together with other German warship to counter-attack Soviet troops.
As the ships engines were not in the best conditions, it was only able to sail with a maximum of 12 knots.

At the end of the war, the ship was located at Sassnitz on Rügen where it was again scuttled by its own crew. The wreck was broken don on site until 1952.

The model shows the Adler in November 1944.

The rought surface structure can be seen on the detail photos:

Size compared to a 1€ coin:

The Model:

This is a 3D-printed model in 1/700 scale made by Shapeways. It my first attempts to work with 3D printed stuff. The material chosen was "White Natural Versatile Plastic" (3D printed in white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel) which is the cheapest choice to make. Price is about 15€. As seen, this gives the model a slightly rough surface which I kept as it is.  I want to try other materials on other 3D printed models in the future.
The ship was enhanced by several parts of the spare parts box: The 7,5cm guns, AA guns, boat davits, searchlights, masts, radar, antennas and additional PE parts. It is painted with Revel Aqua colour.
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Re: Küstenpanzerschiff Adler, November 1944
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That's come out well  :thumbsup:
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Re: Küstenpanzerschiff Adler, November 1944
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The people selling through Shapeways have an astonishing variety of ships (and other subjects) available, like this ship that no sprue-kit manufacturer would likely produce.

The choice of material used dictates the degree of work you need to clean them up; the cheaper, the rougher the surface.
If you're building for yourself go with the cheaper, but if you're planning to have the model on display in a museum, as I have for some of mine, spend them money on the higher priced material. It looks better, especially when painted.
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