Author Topic: New Apollo-MOL documents available...  (Read 2595 times)

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New Apollo-MOL documents available...
« on: January 21, 2009, 12:59:07 am »
Five new space documents are available!

Until I get the individual online advertisements set up and the whole website re-written, I'm making these five available at an advance price, for the whole lot.

This time we have:
Space Doc 60: NASA/Grumman LEM artwork package (scanned & cleaned from a package of transparencies; as you go through the pages, you "peel off" layers from the LEM. If you print these off on transparencies, you can do the same!)
Space Doc 61: Briefing charts for NASA-MOL. Diagrams showing numerous configurations of the MOL space station for NASA.
Space Doc 62: S-IVb-N Briefing: a Douglas concept for a NERVA (nuclear) engine for the second stage of the Saturn Ib
Space Doc 63: Saturn Mission Payload Versatiliy... advanced versions of the Saturn V, including SSTO and solid-boosted concepts
Space Doc 64: Extended Mission Apollo Study - North American briefing on a space lab to replace the LEM adapter. Detailed drawings!

Added together, the total price of the individual documents will be  $30... but until I get the pages uploaded - a day or so, shouldn't be much longer - you can have the whole set for $25.  See this page for ordering...