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I was going to say something but, as I had a similar Alzheimer's moment some weeks ago with the extension end date of a GB I was (am) moderating, thought better of it.
Plane Spotting / Re: NATO Day 2019 Ostrava, Czech Republic
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 10:43:38 am »
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Plane Spotting / Re: Market Garden 75 years commemoration
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 10:40:59 am »
Thanks for those pictures, Tom, & "Amen!" to the last statement. :thumbsup:
Plane Spotting / NATO Day 2019 Ostrava, Czech Republic
« Last post by upnorth on Today at 10:32:41 am »
Hello all

This past weekend was the annual NATO Day show in Ostrava, Czech Republic. We had great weather, sunny but not too hot and a decent variety of stuff on display.

Here's a taste of what was on hand when I visitred the show on Saturday:

Romania was the special guest host nation and they brought in a good selection of air and land gear. Their aircraft contribution included MiG-21s, IAR 99 Soim trainers, IAR 330 SOCAT helicopters and a C-27 Spartan transport:

For the first time, Italy brought a Tornado and a pair of AMX light strike aircraft to the show. According to one of the AMX pilots, 2019 might be the first and last NATO Days for the aircraft as the Italian air force is planning to retire the type quite soon:

Germany brought this Tornado and Sea Lynx as well as an A400:

Hungary brought this Gripen and Falcon 7X as well as a "Hind" helicopter:

Canada brought a CF-18 Hornet:

Switzerland also provided a Hornet as well as their Pilatus PC-7 team:

The Dassault Alpha Jet was a big presence on the ground and in the air this year, with two Belgian examples in the statics and the Patrouille de France making their NATO Days debut in the air:

The Czechs and Slovaks had their shared corner in the statics with a mix or aircraft both old and new to their respective air forces. Here we have a Czech Yak-40 and Mi-35 along with a Slovak Blackhawk:

A couple of shots of a Czech Mi-17 doing its thing in the dynamic displays:

A Polish CASA 295 on its way to dropping some paratroopers:

A Czech police Bell 412 in action:

A few other residents of the static park this year:

 ;D    Thanks folks!!   Back to it tomorrow.  Not exactly sure how to approach the windscreen but I have some ideas and plenty of time to work on it.

*I* call it "tan" but the can said "Khaki".  Not a bad looking color and pairs decently with the black bottom. I could have done something really weird like... robin egg blue or something and I was tempted but I don't even think I have enough gumption as Braniff actually did with some of their colors and combos.   :angel:
The moderators have met in plenary session (even though we're 12000 miles apart, the travel expenses claim is already filed...) and have decided, MUCH against our better judgment, that we'll grant a two week extension to this Group Build.

That means the GB will now end at 2359 hrs local time (wherever you happen to be) on September 14th 2019.

This will no doubt trigger a rush on westward bound airline flights as the REALLY slow builders (which includes me....) try and maximise the amount of available build time.  ;) the engines GB is now the time travel GB :o?

We’ll assume you mean 14 October.  And thanks, Mods.
Thanks, DFZ!! 

I was just counting in the builds that are "on going" but if I wanted to be technical, I started a space shuttle in 1991 and it's still going so that's 28 years.....  I picked it up and put some glue on it either last year or the year before.  ;D
Swap Shop / Re: LF Academy T6 Texan (1/72) Instructions
« Last post by chrisonord on Today at 10:07:53 am »
Try that Fred, if it doesn't work  send me your  email  address.
Plane Spotting / Market Garden 75 years commemoration
« Last post by TomZ on Today at 09:59:38 am »
I live in the Netherlands in Ede, very near to the Market Garden landing grounds on the Ginkel Heath.
Yesterday there was a big commemoration there. Here are some pictures.

Let us never forget!

Sci-fi / Re: NöNö Bärs Spaceport (WIP: Perry Rhodan Kaulquappe)
« Last post by nönöbär on Today at 09:06:35 am »
Coming back to the Kaulquappe, two cargo containers and crew members are added to deck 1:

Next will be the process of putting all the decks together and filling the gaps between them.
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