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Wonderful yellow B-1, subsonic? :thumbsup: ;D
Modeling Blogs / Re: Moments of Zen
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 10:36:07 pm »
Hey, at least they don't have the old masturbating pose that used to be the aircrew standard! :wacko:
Current and Finished Projects / Re: Glenn's Current Modeling Projects
« Last post by Tophe on Yesterday at 10:00:00 pm »
Surprizing tail-less bird, yes. Congratulations to the engineer/designer (and manufacturer) <_<
Aircraft / Re: AMX International Helm T.2
« Last post by Tophe on Yesterday at 09:54:27 pm »
This is one of a pair of 1/48 Hobbyboss AMXs I started simultaneously - one single-seat and one dual-seat. Because of its simpler colour scheme, the trainer was completed first. The single-seater (GR.1) is far behind.
With two kits, you could have tried making a Zwilling, no? An asymmetric one, a little: two-seat on the port side, single-seat on starboard... :unsure: ;D
(No, I am just dreaming, your model is beautiful, waiting for the other one) :thumbsup:
That looks great!  :thumbsup:

Surprised they didn't name them the Gloster Wizard at some point since they'd been under Alderley Edge. Along the same lines as 'Gnome', 'Svart' would have been appropriate for a dweller under Alderley Edge, however I fear it would have been vetoed too on the grounds that service humour would not treat it kindly... ;)

Plane trees have actually been the inspiration for cammo uniforms: the guy who designed the earliest Waffen SS schemes took inspiration from them.

FLF, i totally dig it!!  Most excellent.... 
I've just bought the following Tamiya paints, with which I have zero experience:

LP-40 Metallic Black lacquer paint
LP-49 Pearl Clear lacquer paint
Lacquer thinner
TS-40 Metallic Black spray can
TS-65 Pearl Clear spray can

Are the lacquer paints in pots compatible with the spray cans?

How about compatibility with gloss/matt/satin clear coat products?

Is there anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2020
« Last post by Weaver on Yesterday at 06:39:11 pm »
From the Bolton Show:

Italeri 1/72nd Tornado F.3 (from Trevor's sale box)
Revell 1/72nd Tornado GR.1
Academy 1/144th Su-22 Fitter
P.P.Aeroparts F-101 Voodoo crew access ladder

IPMS seam tool #2
Medium and Thick REACT CA adhesives

Tamiya paints:
LP-40 Metallic Black lacquer paint
LP-49 Pearl Clear lacquer paint
Lacquer thinner
TS-40 Metallic Black spray can
TS-65 Pearl Clear spray can
Swap Shop / Re: DECALS NEEDED! Tamiya 1/48 Fw190D-9 #61041
« Last post by DogfighterZen on Yesterday at 06:25:14 pm »
Well, Paul's the one who lost money. The kit was donated for the draw but he spent money to ship it, and now he'll be spending money on a kit and more to ship it again. I feel bad for that cause i just typed a number and won the draw. I just hope that it doesn't happen again. There seems to have been quite a few situations like this happening during the xmas season with stuff being handled by the royal mail, i was thinking i'd lost the Revel Dauphin kit also coming from the UK to Portugal, it took over a month to be delivered and the seller told me she had more cases of missing items.  :banghead:
Upcoming events / Re: Bolton Show 2020
« Last post by Weaver on Yesterday at 06:17:53 pm »
Well that went off well, despite me being spectacularly disorganised, :rolleyes:

Our table was a bit thin since only myself, Trevor and Richard had models for it, but it looked okay and got a fair bit of attention despite being up on the mezzanine this year. My lunar rover got photographed and commented on quite a bit and Richard's Triebflugel provoked much discussion. The show was good and well attended despite the weather, with many high-quality models on the stands and a fair few bargains to be had. The only problem I'm aware of was outside the club's control: the food counter (a fixture of the venue) ran out of half its menu by midday.

Weather was 'interesting' in the Chinese curse sense of the world. Bright clear sunshine at home, to the point where sunglasses were needed, then five minutes later, as I dropped into Stockport, pea-soup fog which persisted all the way to the M61, whereupon somebody switched the sunshine on again. Sadly the fog had gained ground by quitting time so the whole journey home was unpleasant and I was glad I wasn't going further: I do hope that those who were had safe journeys.

Unfortunately, one of the many things I didn't bring was my camera, so I have no pics to offer.

Stash additions were limited to a couple of 1/72nd Tonkas (a Revell GR.1 and an Italieri F-3, the latter from Trevor's sale box) and an Academy 1/144th Su-22 Fitter, which my gut is convinced I need although my brain can't tell you why. For 2.50 it wasn't worth worrying about though. The rest was all paints and tools.
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