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The Prototypes G.B. / Re: Avro Type 690 Leeds - the true story
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Yesterday at 09:17:40 am »
Today in my life will always be 'Sanding Day'! I've never sanded so much in one day, ever!  :o :banghead:

I did the dreaded 'sanding down the edges' of the fuselage vacform this afternoon. I could only get 400 grit W&D paper, which is too fine for me usually, my home sanding plate has 320 grit paper. Surprisingly it went pretty well, with the aid of a hefty board supplied by my mate Pete (him with the teeny weeny lathe  :thumbsup:) so now both sides of the fuselage are the correct width according to the plan.

Unfortunately, the canopy moulding isn't, it's about 2-3 mm too narrow to fit!  :banghead:

The injection moulded canopy from the MR3 will fit a lot better, but it's a different shape, with a semi-V shaped windshield, and curved upper windows. The latter can be sorted by painting extra panel lines, and maybe Mr. Chadwick wanted to experiment with better vision canopies with the Leeds?

After all, it IS a prototype.....  ;)
The Prototypes G.B. / Re: Handley Page HP.80N Victomic
« Last post by joncarrfarrelly on Yesterday at 09:17:14 am »

 :wacko: :wacko:
Reminds me of the story my Great-Uncle Graham 'Doc' Gordon told about when he had to land his Halifax,
'Friday the 13th', at a US base due to mechanical issues on the return trip from Germany. The USAAF pilots
were fascinated and several were given a walk-through. While looking at the pilot's position one asked about
armour, his reaction was WTF when Graham thumped the single plate behind his seat.
I can't wait to see all them weapons hangin'!!!  It's going to be glorious... all the fun of an A-10 loadout with a nuke thrown in for good measure.  ;D

Per the other stuff.... I guess I can try to schedule up some free time the same way I schedule a job and see how it goes.  :mellow:  Other than the mental problems another pressing issue is all these lawns! Since last year, I've not lost any and in fact added 2-3 new lawns and moved 3-4 from every two weeks to every 7 days so.... do the math... when I add in my FOUR lots it's like infinite mowing all the time and at the end of the day I'm so damn tired.  ;D    I kind of dig it, though.... getting lots of exercise, making money.... the fact that my back has gotten better and I can now do this stuff is great... etc. Lots of things to be optomistic about but maaaaaaaan there ain't enough time in the day to get everything done.  :o
The Prototypes G.B. / Re: Nissen Hut prototype Trapezoid style
« Last post by joncarrfarrelly on Yesterday at 09:05:40 am »
Red oxide primer with a selection of colour swatches on the side from
which the Ministry can choose the production colour.

That sounds far to sensible  :thumbsup:


Matching the drapes is always important.  :wacko:
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Did PZL sue over the theft of their wing design?  :wacko:
Swap Shop / Re: The Great Decals Kill-Off of 2020!
« Last post by sideshowbob9 on Yesterday at 08:31:37 am »
Sorry nighthunter, its job lots only! Everybody who posted yesterday, I've PM'ed to resolve their requests but as of today it will be job lots.

Yes, it does (as mentioned in the background info...  :rolleyes:).

Oooer, I need to read more deeply.  :banghead:
Modeling Blogs / Re: Narses2's Blog - or what I'm slowly making progress on
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 08:08:40 am »
People keep forgetting that once aircraft got past a certain weight & speed combination a carrier deck landing became little more than a controlled crash landing. ;)

The spinal injuries weren't precisely common but there were more of them, due to the greater impact of the heavy, fast aircraft onto the deck.

Carrier aircraft landing gear wasn't/isn't just more robust than land-based landing gear, it also has a different compression profile to absorb the impact more gradually over a shorter period of time. Quite the scientific/engineering exercise, really.
The Idea Bank / Re: Ideas for the B-36 Peacemaker
« Last post by McColm on Yesterday at 08:06:11 am »
The front half of the 1/72 Lockheed C-130 is slightly bigger than the circumference of the Monogram RB/B-36. Well the Heliplane served it's purpose I'll use the 1/72 Mil-26 Halo for the next one.
The wings from the AMT/ERTL Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing do fit the Peacemaker fuselage although this isn't a perfect fit with a bit of putty/filler this will blend in.
Well it certainly isn't the YB-60, Douglas had something very similar based on the C-133.
I might square off the vertical fin tail.
I know where I can get another B-36 from,  so a four engined beastie shouldn't be too much of a problem.
From certain angles thsi thing looks really fast and racy, buts esp. on the ground there's a certain archaic look to it - very Thirties-esque indeed!

Absolutely, typically thirties  :thumbsup:
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