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Great idea and a real beauty! :thumbsup:
Aircraft / Re: General Dynamics F-16A SAAF
« Last post by Glenn Gilbertson on Today at 02:29:55 pm »
That looks good! :thumbsup:
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2020
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 02:27:38 pm »
Pioneer/Pioneer 2 were logos used by MHW Models as was the logo Premiere.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2020
« Last post by The Wooksta! on Today at 02:06:25 pm »
Pioneer 2 was the British company that reboxed a lot of the PM stuff in the UK.
The Prototypes G.B. / Re: The Defiant Naval
« Last post by Gondor on Today at 01:10:53 pm »
Well that's the undercarriage components all glued together, eventually  :-\

Trust me to put the scissor links on after the rest of the undercarriage was in place so that such small and fiddly components are bound to be dropped or shot into space from the ends of a pair of tweezers.

Both of these things happened to one of the links, in fact I dropped it twice onto the carpet but by this time I was able to easily recognise the part as I had been looking for it after the tweezers spat it somewhere into the depths of the clutter on my bench  :banghead:

Touching up of the paint around the turret and the control column means further work with them tomorrow afternoon and I have just remembered to attach the extended tail wheel in place  :rolleyes:

My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2020
« Last post by sandiego89 on Today at 12:58:33 pm »
1/72 Cheyanne and Flagon. 

Re-relase of the Atlantis Cheyannne, and a brand I never heard of, Pioneer2, made in Turkey, Flagon SU-21G Flagon.  The Flagon does not seem to get much Whif love, but I have an idea.....

Freightdog Models / Re: Virtual Telford 2020 releases
« Last post by The Wooksta! on Today at 12:57:42 pm »
Me mate Norman has just torn him a new one.
Freightdog Models / Re: Virtual Telford 2020 releases
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 12:52:01 pm »

They sells themselves Kit! I've just had a customer of mine on facebook query if there is a market for such things when 'proper' subjects (i.e. real ones) could be done, some people....

Some of them will NEVER understand Colin. Not like we enlightened ones anyway.  ;D
The Prototypes G.B. / Re: The 'Secret' prototype.....
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 12:50:53 pm »
Much progress on the exhausts today.  ;D

Here's the view of the engine from the rear, the white bits at the back are the styrene rod that I heated up and bent to fit, eventually. The big white blob on the top is the fuel injection system's plenum chamber, made from some styrene sheet and an old air cleaner from an AMT Ford Galaxie kit.

And here's the underside showing the new white pipes down one side, with the scratchbuilt silencer half way along, plus the two tail pipes, right on the centre line.  ;D Wholly inappropriate you'll think when you see the final build, I'm sure.....

Aircraft / Re: Spanish Civil War Whifs
« Last post by stevehed on Today at 12:39:12 pm »
Managed to get the main fiddly bits done. I used the kit windscreen which has a nick in the centre and allowed a crude Aldis sight from rod. The tail planes were trimmed a little but the wings have been left at original span. I added cabanes from rod then mounted the wing into pre-drilled locating holes. Keeping to the Spad design the interplane struts are thick Aeroclub stock. The wider span meant they had to be splayed rather than straight but it wasn’t uncommon on thirties French machines. A bit of rigging on the wings and the undercarriage is next.

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