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Model Kit News / Re: Heller
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Today at 12:06:23 am »
Makes a nice ugly duckling gallery!
Painting started yesterday, and an aircrfat with all dark-earth undersides looks SO wrong... The coat of paint also revealed some surface flaws, but this was to be expected after all the surgery, and I hope that I can hide some weak points under paint effects. Looks good in the green/brown cammo, though, very natural.
The Engines - More or Less G.B. / Re: DHA-4 Wallaroo
« Last post by 63cpe on Yesterday at 10:25:03 pm »
Will check if i can find RFDS decals and a suitable livery.

@ Richshaw: they sure must hsve. It easn't the success they hoped for. Do why not try it again with a proven airframe and enginges being available a a wilde range of powersettings and almost same dimensions?

Build wil continue after holiday.

David aka 63cpe
The Engines - More or Less G.B. / Re: Consolidated C-4Y Privateer COD
« Last post by 63cpe on Yesterday at 10:15:09 pm »
Thanks you all!

@the Rat: iI didn't think about that, but what a great Idea! Love it. Thanks!

@zenrat: the fit will only be improved if the cuts are straight..Even when I taped the halves together. It was rather difficult to do. Had to adjust the cuts several times.

Will continue the build after holiday.

David aka 63cpe.
Aircraft / Re: Chronic's Completed Builds
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Yesterday at 05:26:04 pm »
Last one for today. I'm getting close to caught up I think but I want to make sure I don't forget anything that wasn't in my build log. Up to December 2018 now and this was for the racing GB.  :mellow:

Aircraft / Re: Chronic's Completed Builds
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Yesterday at 04:29:27 pm »
Unusual! (here in the Western World)
Congratulations! :thumbsup:
Thank you, kindly! It was fun to do something "Soviet" that was civilian and had lots of nice colors and stuff.
Twin R-3350 powered B-24 based concepts for the USAAC and USN. Like some other projects
they came to nothing because of the demand for the R-3350 on other programs, primarily the


Need pictures with the... what was it? B-17/F-14?   Group pics.... 
gonna be a bit warm in that tail turret when she goes into full reheat. :wacko:
The "WHIF's You Have Found" / Re: Whiffs found on Facebook
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Yesterday at 02:05:50 pm »
I think some U.S. v. Japan ones would be neat.   

This one is both by and found at "Point of view.HG" page. I believe his name is Hakan Guney.       

"Westland LYNX HAS.3"    (I'm assuming it's public, I can see it and I didn't even join or like anything. There are many more pictures here and I suspect more interesting things on the page.) This is direct to the album for this, so if you want to see other things, click on the page name to get to the main feed. I'm going to check it out a bit myself!

EDIT: Well, now... imagine that....  I keep having coincidences about modelling. We were just talking about the Star Wars models.... sure enough, I go check the main feed and there was a Soviet "AT-RT" or some such.... looks pretty cool and has the red star of course.

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