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Aircraft, Armor, Weapons and Ships by Topic / Re: F-16 Dérivatives
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 10:41:56 pm »
And this F-16 was an updated Coléoptère, with no more commercial success:  :-\ <_<  ;D
Armour / PzIV-Hetzer Hybrid
« Last post by buzzbomb on Today at 09:29:15 pm »
During the current pestilence.. some time has been spent culling the model room of "stuff".
Found another box 'o' bits. This time left over Panzer IV stuff, some Italeri, Dragon and Tamiya stuff and also some Hetzer leftovers from a ARV conversion.
Some key components were missing to cobble up a complete Pz IV but enough to get going

So after a session of hacking and mauling plastic we have this PzIV/Hetzer hybrid.

So far a 75mm gun vehicle is on the cards, but that would cross over to the Real World Panzer jager IV vehicles but this could be a variation of that.
Of course we could go out and do something like a rotary 37mm mount, or may quad 20mm Rotary for an anti infantry role ?

I suppose another way to look at this type of build is the vehicle is smaller than the box of sprues, so it is a space saver, but finding shelf room, is an entirely different fish ;)
Aircraft, Armor, Weapons and Ships by Topic / Re: F-16 Dérivatives
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 09:02:46 pm »
Today, I add 6 new F-16 dreams including 1 drawing of mine: <_<
The Idea Bank / Re: Umber and cream Pullman Midland Blue
« Last post by McColm on Today at 08:31:27 pm »
The  Northern  Belle  has beaten me to this idea in it's new  livery brown and cream Pullman.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2020
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 08:22:23 pm »

$15 I figured I could have it.  :mellow:     I saw someone post a pic of the Revell kit but I looked at Scalemates and they said it was just a Matchbox kit so when the options showed up on eBay I went with the cheapest one. 
In The Navy G.B. 2020 / Re: USN P-4 Pluto
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 07:40:47 pm »
Getting closer.   <_<

I'm trying to find a shark mouth but if not, I have ONE little bit of touch up painting left (that would otherwise be covered by the shark mouth) needing done prior to clearing. For now, I've finished detail painting and all the masking is removed.

I've since been attaching more things that can go on before transfers. I want to glue on the tail planes to "finish building" this but I need to dry run the transfers that go on the tail and see how they'll work out.... it might be easier to still leave these tail-planes off until after but if not... I'll glue them on before I clear coat.

As far as gluing stuff goes I've put a "comms dome" (or what the hell ever, who cares... it looks neat  ;D) on top of the fuselage and put little stabilizer fins at the empannage. Also glued on the tail hook and nose cone.

Going to be adjusting the gear bays when I get to putting on the gear.

That looks so good...  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: But i'm afraid i'm just a bit biased on that subject...  ;D
Phantom next generation. Some posibilities based on F-4 and F-15

In our sister forum, someone suggested Tabarzin. AFAIK I think this name has not been used in any RW plane. So I would prefer this name.
In The Navy G.B. 2020 / Re: Captain Trapp's HMS Charon
« Last post by buzzbomb on Today at 05:04:12 pm »
When size matters.. wow  :thumbsup:
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