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My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2019
« Last post by Flyer on Today at 09:03:21 pm »
More ebay winnings arrived today, won from 3 auctions from the same seller bundled together:
Heller Spitfire Mk VB clipped wing
MPC F-86D Sabre
Hasegawa Kitty Hawk Mk.1A
Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1
Testors HAWK Spitfire Mk.22
And a Lindberg PT-17 box that unfortunately didn't contain a PT-17, instead inside there was what must have been a 4 pack (all 4 models instructions are on the one sheet) of Red Star models, LaGG-3, MiG-3, Anatra D S 'Anasal' and Yak-3.

From China:
1:144 Mini Hobby Models MiG-25P and SAAB AJ-37.

Disappointed about the missing Stearman, I was going to make it a seed or super spreading Ag plane, oh well some other time...
Aircraft / Re: Boulton Paul Trident Mk-I
« Last post by comrade harps on Today at 06:42:49 pm »
 :wub:  :wub:  :wub:
The Engines - More or Less G.B. / Re: Vickers Wellington
« Last post by dogsbody on Today at 05:33:57 pm »
Panniers mounted between the engine nacelles and the fuselage? Maybe?
The Engines - More or Less G.B. / Re: Quad Engine Super Caravelle
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 05:17:13 pm »

Of the contenders, I view Boeing as the least likely to be the ones because they wouldn't need it, so.... the Lockheed Caravelle...  "Oh no, two Electra II disasters in a row, what a failure.... we need a replacement NOW and need to fully enter the jet age but we don't have the time, call up Sud."  :angel:

Sounds good to me. Lockheed then jumps on the phone to grovel to Braniff and sell their souls to satan to subvert the 727.....

And that's where they got the idea of the JetStar from............ ;)
There is another method using glycerine, I looked it up years (& years) ago but I haven't tried it, so I can't say how effective it might be.
Aircraft / Re: Boulton Paul Trident Mk-I
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 04:25:57 pm »
Yoiks! It's a bleedin' porcupine*! :o

One very cool build, Tom! :thumbsup:

*echidna for we Australians. ;)
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2019
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 03:13:33 pm »
From today's Poynton Show:

1/76th Skytrex resin narrowboat. Long boat with a short cabin so very amenable to modifications... :wacko:
Pack of fine brushes
Pack of Summer Green (short) grass
Winter modelling starter kit from Woodland Scenics
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My Stash Grew Again 2019
« Last post by ChernayaAkula on Today at 02:36:20 pm »
<...> 1/144 Eduard A-4F Skyhawk - re-box, no, re-bag of the Platz kit with some lovely decals and canopy masks.
Two in One kit? What did that set you back and are there more?

Just one kit per bag. Cost me just shy of 7 EUR.
HERE'S the kit on Eduard's website.

AFAIK, they will also re-release the Platz F-8 Crusader.
Aircraft / Re: What? A Real World subject?!
« Last post by The Rat on Today at 02:14:47 pm »
The F6U is a pretty and compact aircraft. I could imagine one in RN markings, too.
My thoughts  exactly,  I  want one  now.... :angel:

That's funny, because I've avoided an F6U purchase in the past because I thought it was too ugly!

Similar thoughts here. Not 'ugly', but not beautiful. Not even 'handsome'. Kind of 'cute', as in 'Aaaaw, look at the widdle airplane trying so hard to be grown up. Isn't he cute?"

But as I said, I often love the unloved, and when I saw it on the shelf I had to buy it.
General Modeling topics / Why are depth charges so ugly?
« Last post by The Rat on Today at 02:06:21 pm »
What's with the front end on most depth charges? Why flat? I can understand the barrel shaped one going off the side of a ship, all they need to do is sink, but even most airborne depth charges seem to be designed in the must unaerodynamic way possible. Is it to prevent them sinking too quickly, and allowing the depth sensors to get an accurate reading?
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