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Finally caught up with site so perhaps I can get some actual modelling done next week ?

some kits come with missiles, big enough to be carrying a pilot, so what if they were manned vehicles after all?


Hi Tophe, thanks for the picture, they are inspiring indeed, could be done in plastic with just one float, and some wingsurface ...
"The Whiffies" / Re: Your Chance To Sway The 2021 Whiffies
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 06:22:45 am »
I'll take the hint  ;)

No, I've just been awaiting this being finished and then I had to catch up with site on my return.

Old Wombats wonderful B-27A High Speed Bomber

The Racing and Competition G.B. / MOVED: JPS Blanik L-13
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 06:18:50 am »
Aircraft / Re: JPS Blanik L-13
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 06:18:22 am »
Yes please Chris, it's WELL past the GB's end date!

I was staying in Newton Aycliffe and 'working', if you can call being a train guide working, in Shildon at the Locomotion Railway Museum.

Right I'll move it now.

I was just up the road in East Boldon. Haven't been to Newton since I retired. British Steel used to have a works there. Narrow Strip I think ?

Anyway I shall move it now  :thumbsup:
In The Navy G.B. 2020 / Re: In The Navy GB - General Discussion
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 06:16:10 am »
I have a 1/350 scale Zveda Battleship Oriol in the stash, purchased (I think) when Beatties in High Holborn was closing down. Maybe this GB is the time to look at it ?

Aircraft / Re: Yokosuka P2Y Tenousei High Speed Medium Bomber
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 06:11:13 am »
It now has one wing.

Does it have a prayer, though?  :wacko:

That's definitely gone down in the "tut - tut" book  ;)
Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: Dodge A100
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 06:08:10 am »
Cheers mate  :thumbsup:
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