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Re: Moments of Zen
« Reply #1200 on: Today at 02:34:00 pm »
Frank's looking good  :thumbsup:

Thanks, Chris! I was very pleased and surprised that i managed to do a reasonable job of my first human sculpture.  :thumbsup:

Ok, almost a month after my last post on this thread... i have been modelling, although not much has been done in this past month. I've been tired from work where i've been asked to put the forklift aside for a while, now that it's less work in the warehouse, and use my knowledge of gardening to set up three new lawn areas.

First i had to design and set up the irrigation system after finding the main water line underground...

Then, the dirt is dumped on the respective spots, it has be spread out to level and shape the areas...

As shown in the pic above, before you have tubes on the ground, the connections and valve boxes have to be mapped and laid out. After that, tubes and valves are connected and then you can put the sprinklers in their final positions to be able to cover everything up.
After that, it's time to flatten and clean the dirt. No stones or pebbles so everything can be laid out as smooth as possible.
First area ready for the turf rolls...

Then the second...

And the third is waiting for me to finish fixing the drainage pit for the warehouse's ceiling water drainage system...

So, i know that this isn't a gardening forum but this has been the reason why i've been so tired and not much modelling has been done in this past month so i thought i'd share a bit of what i've been doing... 99% on my own, no help at all except for the dirt that was brought in and dumped in place by a co-worker with a dumper machine.

So regarding models, i did get all the Blue Thunder's fuselage close up, seams ready and a bit more...

The side camera pods had some mods...

Drilled the cameras out, added plastic sheet to the bottom section to make it more accurate in shape and also added the cylinders with the fins, although i have no idea what they were supposed to be or do.
Then i find out that this box was missing a part and i hadn't noticed it before. Lucky thing is that it isn't a hard part to scratchbuild so that's what i did with some evergreen strips. Couldn't skip it cause it the gun and front camera pods' support that wil connect to the sensor that goes on top of the BT's nose so i just got my other BT kit out of the storage and use that kit's part as a template for the main measures and roughly sanded it to size. Still needs some work but i'll wait till i'm working on those parts.

Sprayed and brush painted some bits and while i was waiting for some more sprue-goo to dry on the interior of the exhaust pipe, i finally got the J.A.F.O. going and that's the white thing you see behind Frank in the pit.

Now i'm waiting for the Magic Sculp stuff to harden so i can shape it some more. I'll be masking the interior of the canopy after some polishing has been done so i can spray it and glue the center top instrument panel in place.
Let's see how long that takes. :rolleyes:

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Re: Moments of Zen
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Impressive! And then Iím mainly referring to the earth works, if you donít mind.

(I like the helicopter too)
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