Avro Canada CF-105 Mk2 Arrow 25234 409 Squadron CAF August 1968.

Started by dwomby, December 16, 2018, 01:58:46 PM

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25234 was the 34th Arrow off the Malton production line, the 29th with Orenda Iroquois engines and the 3rd to get the revised canopy with enlarged glazed areas.     She entered service with the RCAF in early 1963 with 409 squadron based at Comox.  She is depicted here in May 1968 fresh from the paint shop after the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces.

This is the second Hobbycraft boxing (the one with the aileron actuators correctly under the wings!)   The parts are nicely engraved and, on the whole fit well.   I know its inaccuracies but left most of them.

I replaced the exhausts with some Aeroclub Speys intended for the Matchbox Phantom.   They were faired in with Milliput.  I removed the nose probe for appearance sake.   I opted to provide larger glazed areas for the canopy, did not use black for the intakes instead going with a look similar to RL201 at her rollout and decided on  metal leading edges as I would like to think paint erosion due to friction caused Avro to stop painting them.  The decals are from an Xtradecal sheet of whatif markings for the TSR2.  I tried, but failed, to find a way to get the 'Armed Forces' and roundel to fit in a gap in the lightning flash.   

Comments and criticisms are welcomed.



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That's the kit canopy  ;D.  I just ignored the framing moulded on it.  It was really faint, so I didn't even sand it down. 



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I like it  :thumbsup:

It's good to see an Arrow modelled as flying, as it looks a bit awkward on the ground. Much nicer in the air.


Nice work, especially the canopy (which has always been the thing I didn't like about that A/C).   :thumbsup:  :tornado: 
She now looks 'the business', to me, instead of 'the prototype'.

I also just realized that Prototype White is perfect winter camouflage for a Canadian aircraft.   ;D ;D
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Very nice David. Any aircraft will look better with the Lightning Bolt on it.

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Decals my @r$e!


Just finished re-reading Battle Flight again, the Brits were looking at the Arrow for their long range interceptor (is just as big as the Fairey Delta III). It was to be armed with Red Deans. Now some time ago a bought a bunch of Red Deans from Colin for a project I had which didn't work out the way I thought it would, so they have become spare box items   -----  now I have a new project to work on  -------    ;D
If I'm not building models, I'm out riding my dirtbike


I like that :wub:
I have dug out both my arrow projects, and seeing this has given me a foot up my a#&e to get them done.
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Thanks, everyone.

I did consider painting it Voodoo Grey but somehow white seemed right for it even as a production machine.