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Pan Am Galileo

Started by The Rat, December 20, 2018, 09:16:22 PM

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Another one that I apparently forgot to post here, but did put on ARC for Silly Week a few years ago.

The well known United Federation of Planets Class F shuttlecraft were reliable performers on Constitution class Starships for many years, and a civilian version was also available for purchase.  Pan Am was one Airspaceline which purchased some, and they served well on routes within Earth's solar system.

Clipper Whistler was the first in service, and Pan Am had an immediate edge over its competitors in the areas of speed and comfort. The later addition of panoramic windows led them into the sightseeing business as well as interplanetary transport.

This model represents Whistler before the addition of the panoramic windows, and as it served on the inaugural run from Earth to Mars.
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