Elven Blend - Smuggler's Blend

Started by scooter, April 24, 2022, 06:22:44 AM

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Hi Rez here

Territorial Waters
People's Democratic Republic of Victoria

"So, Mr. Smythe.  I do hope you have the agreed upon deposit."  Faelass Duskraerth said curtly, as 'Mr. Smythe' jumped aboard her vessel.

"Ms. Duskraerth, a pleasure to you as well.  Our movement is well funded, so of course I do.  You shouldn't have concerned yourself with that."  He replied, taking the briefcase from one of his goons.

"Mr. Smythe," the dark elf said plainly, "as an entrepreneur in a particular field, I must always concern myself with funds and cash on delivery payments.  I may, however, choose to extend your organization a line of credit if you happen to be successful in your endeavours."
The F-106- 26 December 1956 to 8 August 1988
Gone But Not Forgotten

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