Yeah, I been thinking, (Dangerous)

Started by Go4fun, September 02, 2014, 09:24:51 AM

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So seeing as how the Zombie Apocalypse Theme Build has wound down I was thinking of a new direction to take my twisted mind in.
If you've watched the news the Middle East has opened at least my eyes. Those Rebels/Terrorists/Freedom Fighters flying around in their 'Technicals' are an eye opener.
Say there is a reason for you to arm up and battle an enemy, (Foreign or Domestic) on the olden home sod? 60 MPH Main Battle Tanks are great in open terrain but how can you use them in some of those twisty European streets that looked more like wide foot paths to me? A few Fiat 500s with Antitank weapons could give them fits!
Around here in Kansas and Missouri something more akin to 'Technicals' would be able to 'Shoot 'n Scoot' and bring a Gorilla war to the enemy. (No little Lulu, Kansas is not as flat as a pool table and all wheat fields from border to border). Whack the roof off Uncle Ned's old 4 wheeler pickup truck, mount twin M-60 machine guns on a folding pentel post and you can go for a dozen miles in gullies, creek beds and on tractor paths without touching a hard surface road.
Snipers on motorcycles, armored farm tractors and school buses with a built in back ramp full of 'Fast Attack' Quad Runners and Dune Buggies? Why not? The airplanes possible are endless!
Is this of interest to anyone else?   
"Just which planet are you from again"?


Quote from: Flyer on September 02, 2014, 06:59:54 PM
I'm interested! Especially with aircraft involvement. Armed crop dusters and light aircraft for air support?
Can you see Micro Lites when the hostile 'Fasat Movers come in? Shut off your engine and a heat seekers won't see you and a radar homer? What is there to home on?
"Eh ground units this is Hot Bird, Just what am I susposed to be seeing here"?  :blink:
"Just which planet are you from again"?

Captain Canada

I can daydream all day about a build like this, but I doubt I'll ever get around to building anything !

I've always wanted to do an armed jet ski type tho.....

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Vive les Canadiens !
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Golf Carts with MLRS on top.
That is all.
"Just which planet are you from again"?


"Just which planet are you from again"?


I like the thought of kind-of Rube Goldberg or "Arkansas enginered" machines. Sort of a "War of The Poor" build where you try to get the most bang out of the parts box and toy shelf at the local $1/Pound/Cubit Store.
"Just which planet are you from again"?


Already had one civil war/ Civil War in that region.
Good thing there were no modern weapons back in that day.

Sorry I don't mean to be a downer. Lots of whiff possibility in your idea. Armed airboats in Florida and the Gulf Coast?
I'll meet you on the dark side of the moon.