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Martin H:
Today (6th November) would have been set up day for SMW 20 at Telford.
It does feel a bit odd today, not standing in a freezing hall seeing everyone set up.
Seeing as I happen to be the UK what if? SIG leader who would normally be running our stand I have decided to run a virtual stand on here.

So starting today and running until Sunday evening (UK Time) this thread can serve as SMW20 virtual What if? SIG display stand.

The basic rules are as follows:
1. This is open to all comers who are members of the forum, regardless of your location within the solar system.
2. Any Model is eligible so long as it is a what if? or a Cancelled Project. It doesn't matter if it has been seen before on the forum or not.
3. The profile artists among us are also more than welcome to join in.
4. Please keep the text down to a short description of the model (or profile) save the thread for the images please. No multi page back story's. How ever, feel free to post a link to the relevant thread if you wish.
5. Don't spam the thread with hundreds of images, be reasonable and keep the numbers down to around four or five images per post.

And now over to you lot..............

Here goes then, Martin:

Ju53B-1 (based on a Ford Trimotor, using Airfix Hampden engines and a Ju52 fin/rudder); Fokker D.XXIIIM (Pegasus kit with Merlins fitted); Vickers Wellington (twin-Mercury - off an ancient Airfix Blenheim - development of the Wellesley); Fairey Falcon (twin-engined development of the Fairey Battle).

Tempest F.7 (Rolls-Royce Eagle-engined version); Irish Air Corps Saab J-29; de havilland Dolphin Schneider Trophy winner (Airfix dH88 with modified nose to carry a Rolls-Royce R engine, spinner from a Spitfire I); Focke-Wulf Ta193H-1 (high altitude version of the Flitzer based on the revell kit using Tornado wings)

Meteor F.8R Firestreak testbed based on the Matchbox Meatbox; a golden oldie (one of my earlier whifs) - de Havilland Viper, a mash-up of Matchbox Mystere IV, Hunter, Lightning and I think a Phantom.  Ah yes, the Mistletoe composite.  A concept the Germans stole and called 'Mistel'.  Allegedly.  Eagle-powered Hawker Sea Fury FB.20.

Another Revell Flitzer, masquerading as a Swiss Air Force Venom FB.4; Griffon-engined Beaufighter TF.11 (engine nacelles courtesy of Airfix Starter Kits paint pots); Armstrong-Whitworth Manta - love child of the PM Ho229 and Matchbox Meteor; the Gloster Mercury - where the old meet the new in powerplant terms - an Airfix Meteor and FROG Hornet mix.

More oldies, the first two drew me to the attention of the forum and the SIG, the last one won the Piston Perfection GB some years ago.  Here we have a Centaurus-engined Hawker Typhoon II; a Centaurus-engined Corsair V (my oldest surviving whif, built before I even know of the SIG).

Martin H:
Nice one Dave. I can still remember that blokes face at Milton Keynes when u gave him the "history" of the wimpy mistel........ :wacko: :thumbsup:

Any way a few from me.

Dutch Navy Pair. Pic taken at last years Scots nationals.

RN Harrier II Plus and Harrier S-10 ground pounder.

My piston Trimoter Dakota. An oldie but one of my better ideas....

This one was for a Coventry & warwickshire display titled "Pretty in Pink" It still winds up a certain Hawk flight test engineer when ever it appears.

Then theres the Putty monster.............One of my more well known builds

Great stuff, can't talk, still setting up my stand and getting the new bits ready to go on sale tomorrow!


After dinner I'll sort out a few.

Well, maybe a lot.  ;D


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