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Right lads here are the suggested rules for the Battle of Britain GB

1. The GB runs from the 15th September (BoB Day) till midnight of 13th December 2015, . Extensions may well be considered dependent on the bribe amount     
2.  Now the terms of reference of this GB are a little stricter than usual as we intend it to honour everyone who fought or took part in one of the historically most important battles in history some 75 years ago. In consideration of this I hope you will understand the following

 "The Moderators consider that as a fitting tribute to the real people involved in events which some on site can remember  we decided to stick to the historical parameters of the actual battle with some very simple extensions to give a little more flexability" ?

So the period covered is May 10th 1940 (invasion of the Low Countries) through to Oct 12th 1940 (the day Operation Sealion was called off)

Geographical area covered. The Atlantic/North Sea/Channel coastlines of Europe. So maybe Norway is still holding on ? Spain joins in with Germany and Italy and attacks the Western Approaches ? Obviously other countries can be involved but the action must take place within this geographical boundary.

Technology ? To give a little more scope let's say that things can either have been developed a little latter than in real life, or a little earlier. Say 18 months either way ? Obviously if you want the RAF to be flying Gauntlets or Siskins as last gasp reinforcements thatís fine, you just canít have Me 262ís Ė sorry, but early 190ís are ok. Your own designs may use technology that was ready for operational use within the 18 month period of grace, we can argue about what operational means when the subject crops up.

Air/Land/Sea all welcome. So the world of Home Guard imagination is yours to explore for example. Maybe the R.N. came up with a special class of suicide ship to intercept and attack the invasion fleet ?

3. The GB welcomes models, profiles and stories and anything else your fertile minds can think of.

4. Models already started are allowed as long as major building work has not started before the GB begins.

5. Finished models and profiles to be posted (with picture and link to build thread) in the finished builds thread within the overall GB thread in this Board..

6. There is no rule 6, never EVER ask about rule 6

7.  Have FUN 

8. If you want to comment on a build profile/model, please do that in the model/profile threads and NOT in the completed build/profiles threads, if a comment is made in the completed build threads, they will be moved by the mods.

9. Please remember that our two moderators are at opposite ends of the Earth Ė UK and Australia so on occasions they may have to consult with each other before answering your questions. So please allow them 18/24 hours or so.

10. Next GB will be the Cold War GB and I promise that one will be far more flexible

Great set of rules- I like the tight historical/technology time frame and think it very appropriate. Keeps it realistic. 

So no X-wing fighters with roundels this go around... ;)

My thanks to the organizer and moderators!

i got just the thing to build, a Belgian Spitfire Mk.1  :mellow:
the new workspace should be ready by the time this GB begins  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: zenrat on August 29, 2015, 06:36:19 am ---So this should be acceptable then.

--- End quote ---

Very much so. Just don't paint it in Japanese markings.............


--- Quote from: zenrat on August 29, 2015, 06:36:19 am ---So this should be acceptable then.

--- End quote ---

I expect that sort of thing from Tophe... 

Yes that would be acceptable, as long as it was in West European markings.


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