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Paint programs (programmes) to create decals

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Haven't found a similar topic, except one from 2009.
I need to create my own decals, using existing scanned logos, resing them, duplicating etc.
Which program would members suggest? (obvioulsy free) I have tried paint-net and found it a pain(t) in the A...
I don't need a lot of special effects, only a way of efficiently duplicating, resizing to a precise length, eventually removing background and MOST IMPORTANT, putting together different items form different files in a single page for paper economy. offers resize to a printing dimension. BUT it's not true, the resultis in a completely different size.

I prefer using a vector-based drawing program as the basis. This allows you to import any scanned assets and resize them to an absolute size without having to change the resolution of the imported files.

It also allows you to use high-quality vector graphics instead of scanned files. Many items (air force roundels, company logos, national flags) can be found as vector graphics on the Web.

I use Illustrator because I have a license from my employer. A free alternative would be Inkscape. is good to have alongside for processing the individual scanned items before you import into your vector program.

Thanks, Hobbes, but I am afraida vector program would be way over my head.
What would be "processing the scanned images"?

for example:
- cutting out the parts you want (if you've scanned an entire decal sheet and only need part of it)
- cleaning up the scan (I sometimes get black lines on a scan when I use our office printer/scanner)
- removing scanning artefacts (depending on your scanner settings, a scan can look ugly and pixelated - this is because the decals were printed using a fine raster pattern. Depending on e.g. your scanner resolution this pattern will become far more visible in the scan than in the original decals)

Thanks a lot. I'll have a  try with Inkscape.


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