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Here be Da Roolz
« on: January 22, 2009, 11:04:43 am »
Trainers with Teeth & Counter Insurgency Group Build

Da Roolz

1  This Group Build is open to everybody here. All projects must   be your own handiwork – no employing ‘ringers’ – and should be started on the ‘start date’ and not before.

We have plenty of time for this GB, so we’re going to be strict on this. There will be some flexibility but not much. Enter as few or as many projects as you want. The more the merrier!

2 ‘What can I build’, OK we know that there is no black and white in this regard, but let’s try and exercise a wee bit of common sense. If you want to enter an F/A-18B or D as a Trainer with Teeth then that’s fine, it will not be disqualified, however more in the spirit of the GB would be an Airfix Chipmunk with a couple of gun-pods or a Tamiya Morris Mini with ‘L’ plates and a TOW launcher on the roof or    even a Revell Laser Dinghy with ‘Dazzle Ship’ camouflage and a .50cal on the prow!..... You all know what we’re getting at!

If your project doesn’t fit neatly as either a CoIn or a Trainer with Teeth, but has elements of both, that’s fine too.

Remember it’s the spirit of the build that matters; and, of course, having lots of fun whilst seriously messing with peoples heads!

3  (Not really a rule, but it sort of fits here), If you have a model already built that would fit into this here GB, then please post it into the ‘Inspiration Gallery’, it may well give somebody else an idea or two.

4  Once you’re done, post your pride and joy into the ‘Completed Builds’ thread, where it can be judged by the usual ‘poll’ system at the end of the GB period.

5  Winners & Prizes – all donations welcome. Just drop a PM to the moderators. Depending upon the response, there may be enough for the first three to get a little something..... No    promises.... but the Mods will keep everybody updated.

6  There is no rule number 6. Don’t ever ask about rule number 6.

7  Imagination, flexibility and inclusivity are paramount on this    site in general and in this GB in particular. If you have any queries either regarding the eligibility of your own entry or anybody else’s then please take-it-up with a moderator in private. Let’s not have any ‘toys-out-of-the-pram’ scenarios. Thanx

That’s it for Da Roolz, have fun, get creative, now go build and enjoy.

If you want to start a ‘Work in Progress’ thread, that’s cool, but we would ask you to use the GB forum as it saves clogging-up the regular ‘Workbench’ forum.

We’ll be asking the Site Mods to set-up and pin a general discussion thread for this GB where we can bounce ideas off each other, ask for or offer help & advice and request/swap decals, parts etc.

Best to all
Ian & Jeremy
GB Moderating Team
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