Study for a scaleorama project: 1/72 IS-2 + 1/35 soviet soldiers

Started by ysi_maniac, November 08, 2021, 01:46:33 AM

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First of all, I have to warn that I put this type of projects in the Figures section because for me this is the main incentive to carry them out.  :thumbsup:

So: what do you prefer between 2 last: Single seater with 1 or 2 riders, or twin tandem seater?
Will die without understanding this world.


Remember, if the reality police ask you haven't seen me in ages!


Leave the driver in the center and then two seats offset behind the driver?

"Conspiracy theory's got to be simple.
Sense doesn't come into it. People are
more scared of how complicated crap
actually is than they ever are about
whatever's supposed to be behind the
-The Peripheral, William Gibson 2014