Wanting 1/32 RAF badges, wings and cuff stripes

Started by Rick Lowe, October 08, 2020, 12:20:00 AM

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Rick Lowe

Hey, folks

Does anyone know if there are any transfer sheets that have any 1/32 RAF pilot's wings, cap badges and cuff stripes?

There aren't a lot of mainstream figures and fewer that aren't in flying suits, so I suspect not, but you never can tell.

I'm trying to paint my own onto a clear transfer sheet and though it's going ok, if there's something aftermarket available it would be a lot easier. And neater!

Thanks for any thoughts.


How about scaling some RW photos of the insignia and printing them onto the decal sheet?

It should work quite well in 1/32, anything smaller and it'd be difficult to see the details of course.
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Now Eduard do 1/35 scale etched rank insignia and unit badges and Archer Fine Art Transfers do 1/35  scale  rank insignia etc, but I'm not sure if they do RAF (they do British Army amongst others) so the type of thing you want is out there, but in 1/35. Now I swear I've also seen some printed resin unit and rank badges together with decorations, but can't remember who by.
Decals my @r$e!


Eduard does these in 1/48, is this like what you're after?


Also these;


If you could find them you could scan them and scale them up.
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Rick Lowe

Thanks gents - very useful data which gives me some ideas for options.

Robert - yes, that's the sort of thing. More than I'll ever need on the fret, of course, but isn't that always the way?!

The scanning idea should work well. Even if I got it printed photo quality onto paper, that would be fine.

I will have to take some screen grabs of the frets, and maybe some full size badges, too.

Cheers, one and all!