A Pair of Fireflys

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Following on for my slowed down and so far incomplete Single seat Firefly from the In The Navy GB I am going to follow on from the suggestions about building different engined versions.

To do this I bought two Novo Firefly kits and I have on order a Heller MkXVI Spitfire, moulds go back to 1979, for the bubble top version rather than cutting up another Airfix Mk22.

The main difference between my Navy build and the Firefly which will also use the Heller Spitfire is that the aircraft will have a Centaurus engine which will come from the Matchbox Tempest, 1974 initial release. Only new kit parts will be the torpedo which I will take from my Airfix Beaufighter TF.10 which is to be an Operation Firedog aircraft and thus not need its torpedo.

I will have to look back to see what I intend to do with the second Novo Firefly other than the fact it was going to be a land based aircraft.


After a little digging around I found out what I was going to do.

A late war Day fighter powered by a Sabre engine.

A Centaurus Firefly which I am thinking should be Navy and the losing contender to the Blackburn Firebrand for the strike aircraft role

I think I am going to have to order another Heller Mk XVI spitfire to make both these aircraft bubble tops. On second thoughts I could chop up the Matchbox Tempest that is donating its Centaurus engine.


Captain Canada:
Those sound great looking forward to it. Hopefully these one get finished  :thumbsup:

The Heller Spitfire Mk.XVI has arrived. Very quick service.

Probably not going to be chopping up any plastic until the weekend though.


No plastic was chopped up this weekend, other commitments got in the way although I did have a good time  <_<

I have started work on the Day Fighter version. The interior of the Heller Spitfire has been sprayed in white primer to help hide the black plastic and the main parts of one of the Novo kits have been separated from their sprues which made me realise that I have a problem to solve  :angry:

The Novo kits are of the Mk.1 version which has a chine radiator and not the wing leading edge ones of the Airfix kit.  :banghead: This means I have to

a) Make wing leading edge radiators

b) Make a new under nose fairing for the engine.

Of these two things b) is the easier to achieve as I am sure I have a spitfire part left over from something that I can use as a basis. The wing leading edge radiators will have to be scratch built but I do have a rough idea of how to manage this. I just hope I can keep what I build to a reasonable scale look.
The Naval version I am also building, Torpedo/Strike version, is also to get leading edge radiators but I will use those from the Matchbox Tempest kit which is providing the engine and upper fuselage as a basis.



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