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L/F Hasegawa Mosquito FB6 decals


The Wooksta!:
What it says on the tin, but specifically the post war 4 Squadron option* from the 418 Sqn boxing of the FB6.  One set is nice, but two would be perfect as I think I can do the relevant surgery to the E to make an F.

However, I'll take any Hasegawa Mosquito FB6 decals if anyone has them spare.

Note I'm only after the decals, not the kit as I'm standardising my Mosquito builds on two kits - Tamiya** and the forthcoming Airfix.

Ta in advance

* A popular option on several decal sheets, in the very fetching scheme of MSG over night.  However, all three manufacturers have chosen the same aircraft.  My comments, which will be left unsaid as they would see me banned, can be left to the imagination.

** I know they have three kits, but they're basically the same plastic with a specific sprue for the variant on the box, which gives lots of spares in all three cases.  See also Eduard.


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