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The Wanted/For Sale Thread

Now you may well ask why the specific section of the site for this when we already have a for sale/wanted section ? Well some people have been asking me about having a "one stop shop" for those small sales and purchases you might not normally consider suitable for their own thread. A sort of on-line under the table a show section....kind of ?

The purpose of this section of the Swapshop section of the site then is to set aside a separate section of the board where people can list those more "commonplace" models that they are after or have for sale, maybe in multiples, rather than list each one separately. It might be that having listed something here you "forget" about it ? Well it will still be here, it won't disappear off the page and someone may well be looking for exactly that a few weeks latter ?

Why list them here if they are common place ? Well not everyone has a local hobby shop (I don't)  nor does everyone attend shows on a regular basis. So this is, if you like, an on-line "under the table search".

So anyway lets give it a go and see if it works. I can always disentangle it if it just causes confusion, but I don't think it should ? Famous last words  :angel:

First some basic rules.

This section is intended for "common kits" (what we may think of as What-if fodder) not hard to come by , rare  nor escoteric ones.

List the kit, manufacturer, scale and boxing wanted/for sale if applicable.

If offering kits for sale lists to be clearly marked as Available with price and/or whether a trade would be considered.

Can you state your country of residence so that the prospective seller can work out the postage in his price.

Are you prepared to pay postage from overseas ?

Well somebody has to be first I suppose  ;D

Now the first to scrap the wish list. No longer trading on the forum.



Is the Revell Arado 234 you want the ex-FROG 4-engined with the V1 on top?

I think I have one if so, and an Airfix Scout as well. I've probably got a FROG attacker too.


--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on October 25, 2017, 09:04:44 am ---Is the Revell Arado 234 you want the ex-FROG 4-engined with the V1 on top?

--- End quote ---

Yes Kit, it's the ex-Frog.

If you have PM me with what you want for them moneywise or if there's any kits you are looking for that I may have.

Andy (Bungle)


Clear parts for a 1/72 Airfix He 111 H-20
Thats the original mould that was produced from 1962 to 2011.
I'm in Australia



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