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For a new booklet I am writing and illustrating (Canards against Canards), I plan to draw prototypes of WW2 having a canard layout. BP P.100, Hs.75, and else (not all). I will show them here, as draft at least.  <_<

I had already made a drawing of the XP-55 Ascender, so the main new ones will be Boulton-Paul P.100 and Henschel P.75, but also Kyushu J7W1 Shinden, Payen 22, Ambrosini SS4, and maybe MiG-8 and a Romanian one found on secretprojects forum, I will see.
(I will not draw the Lockheed L.133, Martin 189, Dornier canard, what-if canard B-17 and so on, that do not fit on the page content).
Of course, to be what-ifing, I do not plan to make them as in-service killers but as non-canard in the book and maybe as zwilling twins for here. :unsure: ;)

The first one I am making is the Shinden and related twin: <_<

I did the same with the Boulton-Paul P.100: <_<

Then I discovered on my site, adding it, that I drew something like that already last year, I should have checked... :unsure: :-\

Then Henschel P.75: <_<


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