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My other build for this GB is a car, a very different car, as it'll be a normal car, but a prototype, but with one of those disguise bodies over the top of it. I'm using parts of three different car kits for the model, one old, one medium old, and one relatively new, and the disguise body shell will be scratchbuilt from styrene sheet. I don't think anyone does a kit of such a shell so I've got no option really.  ;D

The main body shell was moulded in China some years ago, and parts of it are 3/16" thick!  :o I've been hacking large lumps of it away with the aid of my mate Pete's high-power Dremel-like machine, and I was amazed at the thickness of the mouldings. It must have cost them a fortune in styrene pellets!

The engine, from the medium age kit, is assembled, as is the rear suspension from the same kit, and bits of the modern kit will be grafted into the old kit to ensure the more modern stuff will fit.

And no, I'm not going to post any pics until it's done, just for a change. Then I'll post some build pics as well as those of the complete machine.  ;D

This should be good; I always like those hacked-together test mules  :thumbsup:

Hacked is right, the amount of stuff I've sawn away from the chassis of the main car is pretty impressive!  :o

Lockdown stir crazy build, eh Kit?


Going way back to my 1960s car testing days.  ;D


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