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The VF-X is not finished yet (photos pending...), but it's time to start the thread for the 3rd submission to this GB. This one will be a major kitbashing project, an idea that I have successfully been ignoring for maybe 5 years now (and with most donor parts already stashed away...  :rolleyes:), but the GB is now a good opportunity to tackle it and tweak the background story slightly. It will now surface as  prototype of a stealthy A-10 successor during Demonstration Testing and Evaluations in the 2010s, as a (very different) alternative to the F-35.

Stay tuned.  :wacko:

ohhhhh, sounds very interesting. 


--- Quote from: sandiego89 on July 14, 2020, 06:27:32 am ---ohhhhh, sounds very interesting. 

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I'm super excited for this one.

Some inspirational stuff...  ;D

This one remains delayed at the moment; I have to (re)collect my mojo to tackle it, so I rather choose to build a simple/small interim project within the GB's confines.


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