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FrankenCOIN - ‘Hawker Siddeley P.1183’

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Mentioned in a blog update, a mashup with a long and convoluted evolution.

An age ago I stared to convert an IPMS Nederland boxing of the old KP Spitfire IX into a Spiteful - fuselage modified, nose cut off to take a Griffon, wings to come from a FROG (or NOVO) Attacker, tail end from a Pegasus Spit 24.

Anyway none of that came to pass, grand plans to do all sorts but none cane to plan but along the way discovered that the front end of a Harrier fitted nicely, and a couple of jets could be fitted.

Anyhow, bag of scrap parts languished in a shoe box fir an age.  The advent of the P.1154(ish) threw up some ideas and more parts.  Add this GB and the FrankenCOIN idea was born.

Progress pics to follow, but so far: cockpit faired over with plastic card and filler applied; FROG Me262 engines attached to the fuselage; one Spiteful wing attached (ta Lee); basic tail boom attached; initial filler session.  Heller Bobcat front fuselage dry fits well.

So, having hummed and ahd about mockup v prototype at the mo I think the former.  Why?  The Bobcat cockpit is very simplistic, so I reckon representations of seats, etc, are enough for a full-size mockup displayed at a 1970s Farnborough air show.  May still revert to a prototype, time to decide.

Progress up to and including the previous post (T4 front end and GR3 fin/rudder placed not glued into position):

I'd have NEVR thought of combining a Spitfire with a Harrier!  :o

That's starting to look very possible Dave.  :thumbsup:

Thanks Kit.

Second wing attached, some work on the cockpit.

I would have fitted the wings above the engines so that more could be hung under them but it looks good so far



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