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Prototype B-58 Hustler with "Siamese" engines *done*

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I've a friend who's a big hustler fan, he's had at least one of every kit going and this is his favourite.

Looking forward to seeing it.  :wub:

Primer going on

Big pod- 1/72 F-104 for scale. 


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"G'day General, Dave Sandiego here from Lockheed.  We've finally come up with a way to get a decent combat radius out of the Starfighter..."

Now for the hard part, the twin podded engines.  Lots of cutting, fill and putty.   

Rough positioning. 

Very cool.  :thumbsup:
The Lindberg 1/64th B-58 has correct proportions, unlike the Italeri 1/72 kit which is too short.
They evidently thought that the overall length of the aircraft included the nose boom.  ;D
One advantage of 1/64th scale is that you have huge range of vehicles from Matchbox, Johnny
Lightning and Hot Wheels, amongst others, to choose from if so desired.

I've long liked the flat-bottomed version with the twin-engine nacelles.


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