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Avro Type 690 Leeds - the true story

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I've got the outer skin panels in place on the port side of the Leeds now, some places have FOUR layers of 20 thou!  :o

There'll be a lot of PSR to do on this of course but I won't start that until I've stretched the starboard side, done the cockpit and glued the two sides together. In the meanwhile I'm working on the wings and engines etc. and there's a LOT of them!

The upper side is the stock York fuselage, and obviously the lower one is the stretched version.

The Wooksta!:
DON'T glue the wings together, because you need to remove plastic to get the Shackleton MR1/2 to fit and it's much easier when they're still in two halves (ask me how I know!)

It's just a couple of saw cuts, nothing too much, but it's easier.

FROG really did go a tad OTT with the rivets on their infamous Shackleton MR3.  :o

I've spent a while sanding them off just ONE of the fins, and my sanding block's looking a little tired already. I've got the tailplane, wings and engines to go as well, so it's a good thing I've got a few more sanding blocks!

Here's the original on the left with my sanded version on the right.

And here's the real thing. That's WL790, 'Mr. McHenry', the Shackleton I've been lucky enough to be aboard a few times now.

The rivets are almost invisible!

The Wooksta!:
They rivets may pop back after the model's been primed.  I found that some years back when I did the RAAF MR3 in 2002.

I'll bash them back in with a hammer.  ;D


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