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PROJECT F-104 Star Filter FINISHED!!

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Well here we go again, :rolleyes: in which I intend to prove that it’s perfectly possible not to finish a group build in time, even though (theoretically) I have plenty of said time. ;D
So to the idea.
Tophe of this parish posted a rather fetching idea based on a twin fuselage Star Fighter.
See here
What’s even more important is that he has allowed me to borrow his idea :thumbsup:
So what I hope to do is produce the single fuselage prototype.
I’m also hoping for a bit of help with the backstory, we’ll have to see how that pans out. Hopefully it will all work out,
Otherwise you’ll have to put up with my gibberish  :o
So now you’ve seen the back of a knapkin sketch by Tophe which started me off...
This is the ‘Concept’ drawing as provided by the Farley Aeroplane and General Engineering Company...

2020-07-01_10-19-59 by , on Flickr

And this is the prototype under construction at the F.A.G.E Co

2020-07-01_10-20-14 by , on Flickr

2020-07-01_10-20-30 by Keith Woods, on Flickr

pictures showing now I hope ;D
(edited using Laptop not ipad.)


Hehehehe, I DO like the look of that.  :thumbsup:

It's a good thing it has lots of external tanks or it would run out of fuel before it reached the end of its take-off run.  ;D

FlickR offers a convenient way to post pictures elsewhere - in the lower right corner of the black background is an arrow icon that opens a pop-up menu with HTML codes for the addition of pics in various platforms and sizes. In order to post piocs here, use the "BBcode" settinngs.


Hmm, the missile with a mouse in it eh?  ;) :thumbsup:


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