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Wardukw is back..kinda

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Hi ya guys..now I don't know how many or any off you remember me but I used to be on this channel quite a few yrs ago..bout 5 if memory serves me right.
I had a wee problem with the home I was renting .now this is mostly what I was told by friends ..one morning I turned on my stove to cook breakfast and 3 weeks later I woke up in a hospital bed..light burns over 70% of my body..2 broken legs.left arm and 2 large cracks on my skull..internal injuries where pretty bad..seems my home blew up with me inside it..well I was outside when they found me..so everything in that house was now partly all over my neighbors homes..took quite some time to heal as you can imagine but I've been ok now for a few yrs and been getting back into building what it's again..I'm surprised at just how many bits and pieces ya need to build what us guys build so I've been buying this here and that there just to get somewhere close to all the bits I used to have and even after 3 yrs I'm not even close  <_< .. but I've built one diorama and am working on another ..now all I've gotta sort out how to use a phone to post pics so ok guys can see what I've been up too.
So that's all for now but I'll be back here alot more often now.


Welcome back.

Congratulations on still being alive!! We are glad to have you back with us!

Glad you survived Phill, good to see you back  :thumbsup:

Old Wombat:
F__k! :o

Glad you're still in the Land of the Living, mate! :thumbsup:

Even better to hear that you're back building, again. ;D

Try not to burn the toast, again! OK? :unsure:


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