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For reasons that now escape me, I purchased this, the Amusing Hobbies FV215B Tank Destroyer packing the 183mm gun system.
thanks Britmodeller  :smiley:

It is a British 50's paper project for a change. The kit is average for current expectations, A+ for subject matter about a C for moulding and detail quality. A lot of missed opportunities for detail areas and rather average instructions.
Another plus is that the tracks are indi links click together, well for a while anyway, they are a bit flimsy, so I would recommend gluing them once you have them in place as the teeny, tiny protrusions tend to break off with handling.

Over a couple of build day meets, I have cobbled it together, all in all, out of the box

One thing is for sure, it is a monster compared to the Matilda I also have on the bench. Again

Before it got nerf'd, it used to be called the Death Star amongst the higher tier (Tier X) World of Tanks players

That's a HEFTY turret and gun!  :o

Strange calibre. 7,2. But violently cool!  :thumbsup:



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