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Hi Folks,

I am currently working on decals for Scottish Aviation for the following:  Dakota, Liberator, Pioneer, Twin Pioneer, Constellation, Walrus, Percival Proctor, Kamov KA-26, and Islander.

I am trying to work out whether to produce one A4 sheet which encompasses all of them or to split the sheet into a decal sheet for each individual aircraft.  I'd be interested in your views on this and also to identify if there are some aircraft you're interested in modelling more than others.

Of the list I have here and there have also been a few additional suggestions, what are the aircraft of most interest?

And what are your thoughts on having more than one scale on a single sheet?   

I'd really appreciate your help with this.

Thank you in advance,


RAF Liberators used in anti-submarine work, if there are any as all I see available are Czech squadrons  :-\


The Wooksta!:
Split them into different types.  A modeller might be interested in doing one type, possibly 3, but not all, so cutting it down by type would save the modeller money.

I'd agree with what Lee said. Modeldecal tended to include 3-4 different types on their sheets, and I've lost count of the number of their sheets that I have with chunks cut out of them leaving bits I'll probably never use, ever.

Don't forget DeHavilland Dove, Airspeed Oxford, and of course Bulldog and Jetstream.
A good source of info and photos is "Lion Rampant and Winged" by Alan Robertyson.

ISBN 0 9511123 1 7 (Hardback)

ISBN 0 9511123 0 9 (Paperback)


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