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Can I continue the topic I already posted...

What decals would you like to obtain that you cannot get...

The Wooksta!:
Yellow code letters and numbers for WWII Fleet Air Arm second line stuff.  No one does any.

Post war Mosquitos and Sea Mosquitos - a set of markings in 72nd and 48th featuring the codes from "633 Sqn" could be rather fun.

Sheets of serial codes for cancelled aircraft - TSR2, Spiteful, Seafang, etc.  Plus cancelled batches of Spitfires, Sea Furies, Tempests.

That's all off the top of me head for now.

As per the other thread;
Royal Lao Air Force in 1/72 for T-28 Trojans and Douglas C-47s.
All the white numbers, naming and sponsors lettering for Porky Zartman's Filthy Forty 1940 Willy's Gasser in 1/24.

OH gosh... I wish there were more quality decals for 1/144 scale besides airliners... I wanted to do a small diorama of Canadian subjects (F-86, CF-104, CF-18, etc) and couldn't find anything in a decent sheet. That goes for US, British or anything else... How hard could it be for a current decal maker to scale down their current 1/72 or 1/48 subjects and do one in  1/144?

1/72 black and white union (Jack)flags or the larger scales.
I haven't been able to track down the promotional decals of that Harry Potter airliner, it would look great on a railway coach.


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