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Hi folks

I've been working on profiles and decals recently with Spot On Designs/Resins

I've enjoyed it so much that I'm going to be to branching into decals under Chicka-deecals shortly and I'm really interested in producing those oddities and obscure,  hard to find ones.

I am wondering if you could help me with my research.

If you had a wish list for decals, what would they be?

Be as obscure and nerdy as possible, you'll find no judgement here.

Thanks for your help..

Karen (Chickadee) McAllister

Wellcome aboard Karen. I'm sure this lot can be very "obscure and nerdy"  ;)

I've put a linked post on the Forumn's initial pages just to make sure people see it.

How about some Royal Lao Air Force markings?

Sized for both T-28 Trojan and C-47 in 1/72.

Also, if you can print white I have been looking for decals to build Porky Zartmans Filthy Forty in 1/25.

king of men:
I'd love to see some 1:72 markings for military aircraft wearing commercial airliner markings. Personal aircraft, company owned aircraft, general airliner hacks, transport aircraft in airliner markings etc. I know there are some out there, but they are not that easy to find on the net unless you are pretty specific about the airliner and the plane type.

I don't have a specific wish list just at present, but I'd like to welcome you as a new producer, and thank you for your kind offer which is a delightful affirmation of the noble and ancient art of Whiffery.


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