FRADU Gnat (themed build thread)

Started by Thorvic, May 20, 2012, 03:42:15 AM

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In line with Narses suggestion, here is the FRADU Gnat i did

Following the the sinking of an Israeli destroyer by an Egyptian Missile attack craft, the Royal Navy set up a training squadron to train ships in countering the use of Fast Attack Craft by a potential enemy. FRADU also operated a variety of aircraft to train ships crew in air defence tactics. To complement both of these a limited number of surplus Folland Gnat T1 aircraft were procurred by the RN to be flown by FRADU and represent the actual soviet missiles operating in conjunction with with the Fast Attack Craft training squadron or with FRADU Canberra's to replicate the air launched anti-ship missiles carried by the large Soviet bombers. The Buccaneer style colour scheme was used to make the aircraft hard to see at low level as it flew the missile style flight profile.

Yeap believe it or not Thorvic has actually built a genuine Whiff aircraft for the first time in a long while  :wacko:
The build is the new Airfix kit using a mix of kit decals, Freightdogs Antiflash set and some SHAR decals from the short lived 809sqdn SHAR of 1982

Comments & questions welcomed

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