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The Hushkit Book of Warplanes


Well known alternative aviation site Hushkit is producing a book. It looks pretty good: Hushkit is both well informed and amusing and certainly no stranger to whiffery. Illustrations are by the excellent Andy Godfrey.

The book is being produced on a crowd-funding basis via the Unbound site. The idea is that you pledge money up front, which enables the book to be produced, and if it goes wrong for some reason Unbound ensure that you get your money back. It's already fully funded, so it should definitely be published: it's currently undergoing rounds of editing. I've supported books via Unbound before and had no problem.

There are various tiers of support which get you various rewards in addition to the basic book. The lowest tiers of support are 12 for an ebook or 24 (plus shipping) for a hardback, which gets you your name on the supporter list in the back of the book (I've ordered a hardback). Pay more and you get more goodies/perks. Full details on the Unbound page:

About the book:
Pledge levels and rewards:

Hushkit website:
Hushkit Twitter: @Hush_Kit
Hushkit merch store:
Andy Godfrey's Twitter: @teaselstudio1

Teasers for the artwork:


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