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Onemanmodel 3D fabricated ABS kits from Japan

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 I bought the 1/72 Hawker Siddeley  IAF AWACS kit on eBay for less than 50, it doesn't come with instructions instead you need to download them from the Onemanmodel website. He uses stickers instead of decals and you will find burrs on some of the parts. The kit also comes with wire which you need to cut and insert into the parts for strength. He says that you can use ordinary modellers Cement/glue,  I have tried using Revell glue after I had washed all the fabricated parts but found that some parts came apart so I am using superglue which works.
 Here's also the HS 748 and the HS 780 in 1/72 & 1/48 scale. C1, C2 and the V.I.P. variants.
Other kits include the Armstrong Whitworth  A.W. 27 Ensign,  Shorts L17 Scyilla,  Saunders Roe Princess flying boat and prototype,  Do-XXl  flying boat  with two  versions , YS-11 Airliner with passenger seats,  YS-11EB with no interior and H.P. L42 E&W.
Onemanmodel is taking pre-orders for the 1/72 Ekranoplan A90 with the open cargo hold.  With future releases of the
1/144 HMA 23 Rigid Airship with bi plane due in February 2021
1/72 & 1/48 scale Deux Ponts due in March 2021
1/72 Kawasaki C.1.
No doubt the Kawasaki EC-1 will follow, but I fancy having a crack at the QSTOL which will depend upon the price.

Did you get  stung with import tax?

I've got some "in progress" pics of my HP-42 from him here:


I LOVE that AW Ensign of his, and the Princess just beggars belief!  :o

He does have some  very nice  stuff  and I am  tempted by an Andover


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